Caption Contest Winners

The Wilson’s Revenge Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: yetanotherjohnOfficials have red carded number three for improper inflation.

Second: FormerHostage – Ha! This ain’t nuthin’! You should see the golf ball tops the babes are wearing at the US Open!

Third(tie): Caliban DarklockDespite three opportunities, Germany still only managed to score once.

Third(tie): AdjustahIt was the unshorn “goal posts” that didn’t get them asked out that night…

Honorable Mention:

Gollum – Frieda would never admit that her implants exceeded the official start weight of a regulation soccer ball by 4 grams.

charles austinAnd do I get a penalty shot for committing a foul in the box?

charles austinWant to see my lovely one touch pass?

Michael A – World “C” Cup

ticketplease – Who let the air out of the 3rd set of soccer balls?

JohnoNo hands?!? What kind of cockamamie rule…?

Hermoine – “What shall we wear?”

Clean Play in Sports Award

Michael DemmonsFor the first time, German female soccer fans celebrate being able to finally purchase disposable razors.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Bill Clinton, also in attendance, was quickly given a RED CARD and escorted out.

ESPN: The Biggest problem facing the Sport of Soccer today — Underinflation


…but J-Lo’s butt cheek soccer shorts blew them all away.

The The Thursday contest has already been endorsed by Senator Byrd.

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  1. McCain says:

    All deserving winners. I’m on a horrific cold streak so I’ll have to go back to the Bill Clinton caption well again soon.