Caption Contest Winners

The Quasi Bloato Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



(Photo/Denis Poroy)


First: yetanotherjohn – Unfortunately for Jabba, the rumors of anyone being able to score at an Obama rally proved to be untrue.

Second: charles austinHas anyone else noticed the line keeps getting shorter and shorter in front of Jabba?

Third: Triumph – Barack’s Baby Mama waits patiently in the crowd.


BitheadThe attendees to the “Obama for President” rally became inatentive when Rosie O’Donnel stood to speak.

DL – Contest of the Day: can you spot the one who still is eating trans-fats?

Jack W – The McCain Empire Strikes Back !!

John425 – Jabba scrutinizes the dinner selection.


Helen Thomas finally has been moved to the back of the Whitehouse Press Corp.

Which one is Jabba? Turd one on the left.

If you think McCain is old wait until you see his running mate

Quonset the Hut was often mistaken for his brother Jabba.

“How bout nuther fried peanutbutter-nana sandwich?” “Thank you very much.”

The nascarThursday Contest is already taking the checkered flag.

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  1. Thank you Rodney.

  2. Anderson says:

    Esprit d’escalier:

    McCain: “Bring me Obama and the Clinton! They will pay for their insolence!”