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The Group W Bench Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: charles austin” – Biding her time. Biden, his time.

Second: markm – Biden thought bubble: “Sumbitch, can we get someone to turn the heat up in here????…i’m freezin’ my ass off”

Third: Wyatt EarpBiden: “I wonder if that pantsuit comes in my size?”


ElmoBiden desperately tries to hold back the nyuk-nyuk-nyuk.

BitheadObviously, the crowd went wild when Obama entered the room.

steve – How do we tell Bill?

KVC – Biden, “What’s a nine letter word for deserted?” Hillary, “I believe ‘discarded’ would work.”


The Mac and PC ads strike comedic gold.

If he didn’t retire your compaign debt, what did you get for your move to nominate by acclamation.
He’s gonna appoint Bill as our ambassador to a remote African village for four years.

Biden: “I like the Baby Blue pantsuit better.”
Hillary: “Shaddup”

Clinton: “What time is it?”
Biden: “14 minutes and 59 seconds for you.”

Biden: “What ya gonna do now?”
Clinton: “I’m preparing my Fukkit list.”
Biden: “Doncha mean Bukkit List?”
Clinton: “Nope… I mean Fukkit, I ain’t ever gonna be President.”

The fatherobamaMonday Contest wants just a little forgiveness.

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