Caption Contest Winners

The Sci-Fi Nerds of the Animal Kingdom Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Because… sometimes you feel like a nut… sometimes you don’t

Winners (Nut Division)

First: McGehee“Rocky-Wan has taught you well, young Nutchomper.”

Second: Donald SensingHey, dummy, next time put the pinata full of nuts closer to the ground!

Third: FreakyBoy – Chip and Dale unleash the force on Rocky after he informed them: These are not the nuts youre looking for.

Winners (No Nuts Division)

First: T. Harris – “Quit your cryin’, Pussy Boy, we drew straws and you got the pink sword!”

Second: AndersonBushy-tailed though they were, the two padawans were no match for the Dark Squirrel of the Sith.

Third: RightWingDuckHa, I will defeat you and leave you with the mark of Squorro!!

Honorable Mention:

AdjustahOrders 1 through 65 were less successful in testing…

Mr. Right“Ooooh! Nice move, Aunt Slappy! Without his nuts, he’s just another 6-inch high eunich with a bushy tail and a laser sword!”

McCain – Mad Cow gene mutates into Really Pissed Squirrel gene.

Noreaster – Hah! We know you have been working with the dogs

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

(too unemployed ad men nearby)
“So then I sez to Ernie… Jees, They’re fun, what’s the worst that can happen if we market these glow in the dark tampon applicators.”

“But it’s not fair… I can take Darth Green-Fir, Scruffy-wan Nut-obe.”

“Oh yea, well my ship can make the Kessel run in 8 Parsnips.”

The fight ended precisely 0.415 seconds after the arrival of Darth RottWeiler.

“Hokey berries and ancient corn-nuts are no match for a rabid squirrel with a light saber, kid.”

“If he says ‘these are not the nuts you’re looking for…’ one more time I’m gonna shove this up his …”

Due to the cauterizing effect of the light sabers, young Darth Rocky was soon to be known as the Frying Squirrel

The Thursday contest is already attracting tornados to trailer parks.

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