Caption Contest Winners

The Stunner #1 SuperStar Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(AFP/Goh Chai Hin)


First: Gaijin BikerOnlookers admire a statue from the little-known sect of Fro-Zen Buddhism.

Second: The ManAs you can see, Kirstie Alley is really popular in China.

Third: McGeheeThe proposal to add Rush Limbaugh to Mount Rushmore didn̢۪t draw much support.

Honorable Mention:

BitheadThe Chicago Bears new Defensive line.

FreakyBoy – “We’re gonna’ need a bigger straw.”

MarkWow, Martha, you were right. It IS obvious which house belongs to Louie Anderson.

Brandon JaynesIs it cold in here or is it just me?

spacemonkeyBuddhzilla is finally defeated due to his sensitive skin. His strength failing, he sits on the village of Big Ol Pot, near yellow river, and thanks to Buddhzilla, home of brown mountain.

skep – Rodney’s Google Image Search for “big Asian boobs” goes horribly awry.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

The Yellow Buddha was replaced after the resurgence of Frank Zappa’s Nanook Rubs It

“Mongo like Candy.”

“I don’t care! If he polls better’n Hillary, he’s runnin'”

A Chinese Corporation’s marketing for the newly introduced Budd-cicle, has drawn the ire of US based Anheuser-Busch.

I wonder if he’s soluable

The Thursday contest is confirming our worst fears of the Senates’ intelligence.

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  1. Gaijin Biker says:

    Yeah, boyee!

  2. gridlock says:

    Too bad I’m too late, but here goes…

    The final climactic scene from the new Chinese remake of Ghostbusters…