Families Of Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victims Sue Facebook, Twitter, And Google

Survivors and family members of the Pulse Nightclub attack have filed what amounts to a frivolous lawsuit.

Federal Judge Denies Request To Force Apple To Extract Data From iPhones In Drug Case

A Federal Judge in New York has denied an F.B.I. request to force Apple to extract data from iPhones involved in a Federal drug case.

Apple Fighting Order To Assist In Decrypting Phone Of San Bernardino Terrorist

Apple is resisting a Federal Court order that it assist the F.B.I. in decryption of the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

Google Being Targeted Over Leaked Celebrity Nude Photos

Attorneys for celebrities caught up in the leak of nude photographs are targeting Google.

Implementation Of Europe’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ About As Absurd As You’d Expect

Judging by the early results, the so-called “Right To Be Forgotten” recently created by Europe’s highest court is creating more problems than it will solve.

The Absurdity Of The “Right To Be Forgotten”

The so-called “right to be forgotten” created by Europe’s highest court is unworkable, and ultimately absurd.

Google Being Sued To Remove Search Results

An odd lawsuit out of France.

Complaining About Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other Constantly Changing Products

Henry Farrell thinks “The New Gmail Sucks” and doesn’t care who knows it.

Rick Santorum Challenges Google

Rick Santorum is tired of “filth” atop Google searches for his name and wants the company to do something about it.

Google Addresses SEO Gaming

Google erects some much-needed defenses in the optimization arms race.

Rick Santorum’s Google Problem = Google’s Rick Santorum Problem

Rick Santorum is upset that a Google search for his name produces a string of unflattering material. You should be, too.

Search Engine Optimization Dirty Secrets

JCPenney used black hat SEO to game Google. But Google’s penalties are arguably just as bad. And what about HuffPo?

Google Instant Searches Before You Type

Google will now display and adjust search results as you type. This should be a boon to searchers and a terror to website operators, who live at the mercy of Google.

Google Knows You Better Than You Think

Google has an inordinate amount of information about you and your circle of friends.

Google and Verizon Test Net Neutrality

Congress has been wrestling with the net neutrality issue for years. Two major players may force a decision soon.

Google Multiple Sign-In Finally Arrives

Google now lets you sign in to multiple accounts in a single browser.

Google Search Results Rigged?

Is Google manipulating its search results to keep competitors down? And does its market dominance mean the government should step in?

Google Runs Your Life

Email Era Over?

Mary Jo Kopechne

Google Chrome Bleg