Cato Unbound Launches

The Cato Institution has launched a new site that is headed down the road I was hoping Pajamas Media would travel:

Each month, Cato Unbound will present an essay on a big-picture topic by one of the world̢۪s leading thinkers. The ideas in that essay will then be tested by the comments and criticism of equally eminent thinkers, each of whom will respond to the month̢۪s lead essay and then to one another. The idea is to create a hub for wide-ranging, open-ended conversation, where ideas will be advanced, challenged, and refined in public view.

But the discussion only begins at Cato Unbound. It ends, if it ends at all, with you. Cato Unbound readers are encouraged to take up our themes, and enter into the conversation on their own websites, blogs, and even in good old-fashioned bound publications. “Trackbacks” will be enabled. Cato Unbound will scour the web for the best commentary on our monthly topic, and, with permission, publish it alongside our invited contributors. We also welcome your letters.

Its managing editor is Will Wilkinson, a young Cato analyst I know from various D.C. blog meetups.

via Howard Bashman

James Joyner
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