Chavez Completes His Journey to the Dark Side

Well it seems that Hugo Chavez has decided to show his true colors: A dictator and thug.

CARACAS (AFP) – President Hugo Chavez’s clampdown on opposition television stations widened Monday as police used rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators protesting what they called an attack on free speech.


On Monday several people were injured as police in Caracas fired rubber bullets and tear gas to put down a demonstration against the RCTV shutdown, following the fifth straight day of protests.

No, I’m not surprised, in fact, if anything I’m surprised it took this long. But it is clear that Chavez is nothing more than your typical Banana Republic dictator who resorts to force against the opposition and sees free speech as a hinderance to his agenda.

You can see the images of the demonstrations/protests here.

So not only does one have to put up with shortages of things like food thanks to the price controls Chavez has put in place, now they have to watch government approved television as well.

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  1. Nikolay says:

    Hey, Putin, did all this about five years ago. And that was only the beginning of his journey to the dark side.
    The real problem both with Putin and Chavez is that they are, in fact, not dictators but democratic rulers — their approval ratings are about 2.5 times bigger than that of Bush, so can’t really do anything about them. They are thugs, but people like them.

  2. Bandit says:

    After he controls the media he can start filling up the death pits