The ‘Outside Agitator’ Trope

It’s been around for a very long time.

Sometimes History Rhymes In Ironic Ways

And you might ask yourself: “how did we get here?”

Campus Crackdowns Escalate

Police have been brought at universities across the country.

Biden Has Lowest Approval in History, Should Still Win

A famed political forecaster doesn’t believe the polls.

Colleges and Anti-Israel Protests

Administrations are struggling to handle the biggest wave of student protests in generations.

Columbia Israel Divestment Protests Turn Ugly

On-campus classes have been suspended and Jewish students told to find safety.

SCOTUS Rejects Appeal of BLM Leader Sued For Attack by Protestor

A longstanding precedent may be in jeopardy.

Will Biden’s Israel Policy Matter in November?

Many Democrats are worried about the fallout.

Congress Passes Budget, Averts Government Shutdown

Five months too late, we’re back to the Biden-McCarthy deal.

MAGA didn’t come from nowhere

The roots of MAGA run deep, through places like my old home.

Pelosi Pleas for FBI to Probe Pro-Palestinian Protestors

A bizarre call from the former Speaker.

Germany Considering Ban of Far-Right AfD

Apparently, Making Germany Great Again is controversial.

Porn, Public Employees, and the First Amendment

I know a fireable offense when I see it.

Tit, Meet Tat

The inevitable threats to remove Biden from the ballot emerge.

‘Passive’ Capitol Rioters Still Criminals

An illustration of the justice system working as designed.

TikTok and the Israel-Hamas War

The popular app is influencing the opinions of its young user base.

Trump Doubles Down on Fascism

The Republican frontrunner continues to use Hitler’s language, praise dictators, and lionize traitors.

The (American) Politics of Israel-Palestine

Pick a side. No nuance allowed.

Who The Hell is Dean Phillips?

It’s quite the week for politicians with generic names nobody has ever heard of.

Misleading Headline of the Day

Demonstrators once again breached Hill security.

Israel-Hamas War: To Evacuate or Not?

The choice is between competing disasters.

Dianne Feinstein, 1933-2023

A trailblazer is gone at 90.

Does Comedy Have to be Based on Truth?

Hasan Minhaj is a serial liar. Does it matter?

Russia Laundering Propaganda Through Western Media

The US government is fighting back, albeit subtly.

Schools, Diversity Initiatives, and Parental Rights

There’s an inherent tension in public education.

More on Small Town Justice

A deep tradition rightly under scrutiny.

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Small Town Justice?

Those who refuse to learn about the past often perpetuate its mistakes.

Tulsa Historical Note

A quick follow-up to a previous post.

Is This Time Different?

America survived a civil war and the turmoil of the 1960s. Can we rebound again?

Anarchy in France

The rioting never seems to stop.

SCOTUS Ends Affirmative Action

The inevitable has happened. Now for the fallout.

lego people crowd lego people crowd

Why So Many Americans Die in Traffic Accidents

Our car culture is killing us.

Defunding the Police

A Brooklyn neighborhood is experimenting with a hybrid approach.

Looking to Poland

Protests against the governing party signal tensions in advance of fall elections.

Is Twitter DeSantis’ Problem?

A columnist argues his failed launch was emblematic of a larger problem.

DeSantis Pandering to the Deplorables

Out Trumping Trump is possible because of Trump.

AM Radio’s Slow Demise

Car manufacturers are slowly removing an old format.

Unrest in Pakistan

Corruption charges against the former premier have sparked rioting.

King Charles III

The UK has a new figurehead.

Biden to Reshape Joint Chiefs

He’s likely to make heads explode.

The Retirement Age

France shines new light on an old problem.

Pro-Trump Rioting Prospects Dim

Calls for violence have been widespread but are unlikely to be heeded.

Russia’s Economy is Collapsing But Not Fast Enough

Sanctions and a costly war are taking their toll.

Israel is Revolting

The Netanyahu government is facing massive strikes and protests over its latest authoritarian moves.

The Limits of Academic Freedom

UPenn law professor Amy Wax as a test case.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Goes Bye-Bye

Disney has replaced a controversial song at its theme parks.

Far-Right Idiocy in Sweden

Swedish right-wing provocation and Turkish short-sightedness.

Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Presidential Palace, Congress, and Supreme Court

Latin America’s answer to Donald Trump has his own insurrection attempt.