Gaddafi’s Days Numbered?

There are a number of signs coming out of Libya that indicate the regime is in serious trouble despite the willingness of the state to use violence on the crowds.

Real Doctors, Fake Notes

Either Andrew Breitbart controls the entire media complex or Crooks & Liars jumped the gun. “Figure it out.”

Libya Update: At Least 84 Dead, Possibly Hundreds

The crackdown in Libya is turning into a massacre.

The Revolution Continues In Libya

The Gaddafi regime is facing its most serious challenge in its 41 year history.

Wisconsin Teacher Showdown

Neither side is covering themselves in glory in the battle over the Badger State budget.

Bahraini Forces Fire on the Crowd

The Bahraini state appears willing to continue to use force against its population.

Dozens Dead As Libya Cracks Down On Protesters

As in Baharain, the Libyan Government has reacted violently to the populist uprising sweeping the Arab world. The difference is the Libyans are doing it largely without anyone noticing

Unrest in Bahrain Continues

The unrest continues as those killed during protests are buried. Plus some facts about Bahrain.

When Authoritarians Strike Back, Part II

Like in Bahrain, the Libyan authorities are not tolerating protests.

When Authoritarians Strike Back

The protests in Bahrain have taken a different path than those in Egypt.

Nir Rosen Lara Logan Twitter Controversy

Tweeting feels like IM’ing but it’s more like blogging.

Protests in Libya

Mubarak’s Last Act: Hiding Stolen Wealth

Knowing his downfall was imminent, the former Egyptian dictator moved vast wealth out of rich of Western governments.

Egyptian Military Affirms Primacy Of Civilian Rule

The Egyptian military is promising a quick transition to new civilian leadership. Will they live up to their promise?

The Military in Egyptian Politics

Ellis Goldberg, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington and an expert on Egyptian politics, has a pessimistic view about the likelihood that the military is interested in democratization.

Mubarak Resigns, Military Now Runs Egypt

Hosni Mubarak has stepped down — for reals this time.

Mubarak Staying

While earlier in the day the indications were that Mubarak was on his way out, Mubarak himself had different plans it would seem. The question becomes: now what?

Mubarak Refuses To Step Down, Crowds In Cairo Furious

Hosni Mubarak refuses to step down. Things in Egypt may be about to get bad.

Report: Hosni Mubarak To Step Down Today

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is expected to step down after 17 days of pro-democracy protests.

Mubarak Out? Yes, But Not Necessarily Right Away

Hosni Mubarak may hang on to some semblance of power longer than many expected in the middle of last weeks chaos, mostly because there are few other alternatives right now.

Revolutions are Rare

If Mubarak is driven from power, will that make Egypt a case of “revolution”?

Sarah Palin Puts Some Words Together About Egypt

Sarah Palin said something about the crisis in Egypt, but it’s not at all clear what she meant.

An Intelligence Failure In The Middle East?

Some in Washington are claiming the intelligence community missed the warning signs of unrest in Tunisia and Egypt in what looks like little more than an effort to create scapegoats if things go wrong.

Obama Administration Discussing Plans For Mubarak’s Departure

The end game in Egypt may be beginning.

Kenneth Cole’s Cairo Tweet

Kenneth Cole used a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Cairo protests to promote its new spring collection.

Violence Continues To Rage In Cairo

Egypt entered a second day of chaos with all signs pointing to things getting worse before they get better.

White House Tells Mubarak: Transition Must Begin Immediately

Today, Egypt seethed with rage, and the United States lost patience with its ally in Cairo.

Chaos Erupts In Cairo In Wake Of Mubarak Speech

The situation in Egypt is going from bad to worse.

Hosni Mubarak Pleases Nobody, And Probably Fans The Flames Of Protest

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s speech to the nation tonight seems destined to make the situation worse.