Chris Dodd’s Flawless Web Campaign

This blurb in a roundup at techPresident caught my eye:

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder picks up on something we at techPresident have long acknowledged: in addition to running a “near flawless” campaign, Chris Dodd has “used emerging technologies more fruitfully than just about everyone else.” Ambinder points to the campaign’s use of Ustream, live-blogging from the spin room, the “Talk Clock,” and other innovations as proof that, despite the lowest of poll numbers, Dodd’s web staff is far and way the most inventive and creative in the field.

My instant analysis: So what?

My two instant analysis: Doesn’t this mean that all the hubbub about this as the first Web 2.0 campaign is mostly hype?

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James Joyner
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  1. Matthew J. Stinson says:

    Why would they tout Dodd and not Obama or Ron Paul? When I think of the Doddster I don’t exactly think “successful Internet campaign.” Living overseas means I’m totally tuned out of the debates, the TV coverage, and newspapers, so web presence would seem the main metric by which I’d judge candidate organization, and on that score, the web presence of Dodd and most other candidates totally pales compared to Obama and Paul.

  2. Dawn Lowen says:

    The Presidential Race is taking over the Media. Kevin Price wrote a really interesting blog about Christopher Dodd. Check it out at