Chris Mathews Tired of Presidents with Ranches

“I’m tired of presidents with ranches!”

Yet another example of Chris Matthews’ well-known conservative bias.

UPDATE: Wonkette provides a snarky summary: “Among the political hairballs the Hardball host coughs up in four-plus minutes of barely uninterrupted bloviation that has been banned from Gitmo as the equivalent of torture: He cried bipartisan tears when Jimmy Smits offered Alan Alda the Secretary of State slot on The West Wing; wishes we hadn’t invaded Iraq; thinks ‘Newt Gingrich is World War 3’; is ‘tired of presidents with ranches’; and predicts Rudy Giuliani will be the next president of the United States.”

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Greg Tinti
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  1. Of course, I am not sure how that quip could be construed as ideological.

  2. McGehee says:

    Well Steven, who was the last Dem president with a ranch? LBJ. Since then the only presidents with ranches have been, oh let’s see…

    Ronald Reagan.

    George W. Bush.

    Not ideological, huh?