Cubs Pitcher Instructed to Limit Computer Time

Computer Could Be Causing Righty’s Elbow Problems (AP)

Cubs right-hander Carlos Zambrano has been told to cut back on his computer time because the hours he’s spending typing could be contributing to his elbow problems.

Zambrano said he had been logging about four hours a day communicating via e-mail with his brother.

“I have to spend one hour and take it easy,” Zambrano said.

Zambrano looked fine Saturday, allowing just one hit in seven innings against the White Sox.

“It’s not carpal tunnel, but if you don’t watch it, who knows what it can lead to? We are trying to alleviate it,” Cubs manger Dusty Baker said.

I’m sure that excessive emailing can lead to some anatomical issues, but I nonetheless wonder whether it can be as detrimental as Baker suggests. Then again, I don’t deal with the kind of salary that professional teams do, so it’s hard to blame the Cubs for taking considerable precautions.

I suppose the Giants should be thankful that Barry Bonds is recovering from knee surgery instead of healing elbow pain. That guy sure can blog up a storm.

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  1. chris says:

    Hmmm… if too much computer time were tied to a wrist problem I might be less skeptical.