Duke Rape Accuser Charged with Attempted Murder

After following, rather closely, the Duke “Rape” case I can’t say I find this new surprising.

Durham, N.C. — Durham police late Wednesday arrested the woman who four years ago falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape. Investigators said Crystal Gayle Mangum assaulted her boyfriend, set his clothes on fire in a bathtub and threatened to stab him.

A judge set her bond at $1 million during a Thursday morning court appearance. Mangum, 33, has been appointed a public defender and is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 22.

Police charged her with attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, communicating threats, three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, injury to personal property, identity theft and resisting a public officer.

Based on what I read while following the Duke case this is completely inline with the how Mangum was protrayed.

The article’s reference to the Duke lacrosse rape case is a bit misleading. The number of people Mangum claimed to have raped her changed. She also identified as rapists people that could prove that they had left the party well before the rape was supposed to have occurred. The three defendants were not simply exonerated the North Carolina Attorney General proclaimed them innocent an unprecedented move. And finally the semen from several different men was found inside Mangum, none of which blonged to anyone on the lacrosse team.

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  1. Jay Tea says:

    Um… murder or attempted murder? Headline says murder, article says attempted…


  2. Franklin says:


    Police charged her with attempted first-degree murder,

    Without someone actually dying, I’m guessing this charge won’t stick.

  3. Wayne says:

    How much loss, pain and suffering did the whole lacrosse team endured? How much of it was done by the over aggressive and slandering MSM?

  4. Triumph says:

    So what. This is a dingbattish story.

    Duke Lacrosse?? Who gives? Lacrosse is not even a sport–its like curling on grass.