I was wondering when it would happen: NZ Bear has once again had to redesign his site to take into account the growth of the blogosphere:

Well, this day had to come: the Ecosystem is now split into multiple pages.

Having all 3,000+ weblogs on the front page was getting just too unwieldy — that single page was over 600 KB, which was killing my bandwidth costs, and not that much to wait for to load, either.

So now the front page shows the top 100 (Higher Beings, Mortal Humans, and Playful Primates), with every other category having its own individual page. Hopefully the navigation should be fairly straightforward; I’ve also added a search function which allows you to find weblogs by name.

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  1. If being buried on page three bothers folks, they can always join the Weblog MetaData Initiative, and then they’ll show up in the side bar. Thanks for the heads-up.