The Truth Laid Bear: Ecosystem has been recalibrated to reflect the vast growth in the blogosphere:

Now, the categories are (mostly), determined as a percentage of the total number of blogs. So we will no longer have 60-70% of the list being classed as insignificant microbes.

I kept the top categories fixed, however, because, well, mainly ’cause I felt like it.

Here’s how the new structure works:

Higher Beings: 1 – 10
Mortal Humans: 11 – 30
Playful Primates: 31 – 100
Large Mammals: Next 5 %
Marauding Marsupials: Next 5 %
Adorable Rodents: Next 5 %
Flappy Birds: Next 5 %
Slithering Reptiles: Next 10 %
Crawly Amphibians: Next 10 %
Flippery Fish: Next 10 %
Slimy Molluscs: Next 10 %
Lowly Insects: Next 10 %
Crunchy Crustaceans: Next 10 %
Wiggly Worms: Next 10 %
Multicellular Microorganisms: Next 5 %
Insignificant Microbes: Bottom 5 %

Persuant to this change, I am now a Large Mammal. Given that I’m 170th on the list, it’ll be some climb to reach Playful Primate status.

Steven at Poliblogger has now gone from Insignificant Microbe to Crawly Amphibian. His new MT site is up and fully running now, by the way.

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  1. PoliBlogger says:

    I will take whatever progress I can get! Now, if I can just get all the folks who blogrolled the first PoliBlog to blogroll the new incarnation, I should be slithering or flapping any day now. 🙂