WordPress Commenting Bug: Name Field Edition

If you have a non-alphanumeric character in your name, your comment goes into moderation.

OTB Goes Secure

Overnight, we moved to content encryption. Here’s what that means for you.

Server Move 9-10pm Eastern

Expect possible down time, site wonkiness.

OTB’s Engage Feed

You many have noticed the array of images and links under the footer of post pages. Here’s what it is.

To Ban or Not to Ban

On OTB’s subjective, inconsistent enforcement of its policies designed to promote civil discussion.

Site Notes

The microdevelopment of the site continues apace.

John Burgess, 1947-2016

I’ve made the sad discovery that longtime friend of the blog John Burgess passed away on February 16, 2016.

Quick Takes?

Does OTB’s Quick Takes section still serve a useful purpose?

Yet More Site Tweaks

We’ve rolled out a few modest updates to the site design.

New Site Bugs?

Rather than spamming every comment thread with issues, list any other issues here and we’ll see what we can do. 

OTB Site Refresh

The long-overdue redesign of OTB is now live.

OTB Turns 15

Yesterday marked fifteen years since I launched Outside the Beltway on the old Blogspot service. 

OTB Site Update [Updated]

We’re slowly fixing the site.

OTB Admin Update

The redevelopment of the site that I posted about a few weeks back is underway in a phased approach.

OTB Site Suggestions

We’re looking for reader input on site functionality and features.

Ronald Mataconis, 1937-2014

Our profound condolences to Doug Mataconis on the loss of his father.

Starting at Command and Staff College

Today will be my first day at Marine Command and Staff College.

Joyner Unfair to Krugman

A decade ago. a certain New York Times columnist was more right than your humble host.

OTB Reader Survey Follow-Up

The OTB Reader Survey posted a week ago today generated a solid discussion.

Too Early for 2016 Talk?

We’re actually not speculating about who might be running any more than we used to.

OTB Reader Survey

We’re soliciting reader feedback on three related questions.

OTB Turns 10

Katherine Applegate Wins Newbery Medal for ‘The One and Only Ivan’

Katherine Applegate, long suffering spouse of frequent OTB commenter Michael Reynolds, has been awarded the Newbery Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children for The One and Only Ivan.

Under Renovations

Commenting Policies: A Reminder

Challenge the ideas of those with whom you disagree, not their patriotism, decency, or integrity.

Color Coding Blogs by Political Bias

Andy Baio and friends have undertaken an interesting project: color coding political blogs to track bias.

Comment Ratings

OTB on Colbert

Doug Mataconis’ Thursday posting “Herman Cain Releases Bizarre New Video Involving Apparent Goldfish Murder” got picked up on that night’s edition of The Colbert Report.

OTB for iPad, iPhone, and Android

OTB is available on Google Currents.

Site Note

Like/Dislike Back

60 Million

New Commenting Features

As some have already noticed, we installed some new commenting plug-ins late yesterday adding some features that many have been requesting

Comments Alert

Our patience with those who repeatedly hijack the discussion thread to detract from the topic at hand has ended, effective immediately.

Presidential Reading List

Foreign Policy’s David Kenner has a reading list for President Obama to help him get read for his big speech to recast our relationship with the Arab world. Topping the Persian Gulf section is Crossroads Arabia, by our own John Burgess.

OTB Expose

OTB Site Issues

Blog Comments Redux

I have banned a couple of serial violators in recent days after various warnings, deletions, and other signals failed to do the trick.

Stolen Content Alert

Commenting Issues

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