MTG vs Boebert

Breaking a cardinal rule.

One of the early* rules that I adopted for my blogging was to avoid posts that could be summarized “Known idiot says something stupid.” There are certain people in American political and pop culture circles whose brand is to gain attention by doing or saying outrageous things and, after a while, it just becomes tiresome to comment on those people. Given that this technique has becoming increasingly widespread in my erstwhile party, including a certain former President, it’s become increasingly hard to comment on American politics.**

So, when I saw the Daily Beast headline “Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Boebert a ‘Little Bitch’ on the House Floor” on my phone yesterday afternoon, I had no intention of writing about it. Neither of them are fit to run a local PTA, much less be Members of Congress. But, finally reading the story this morning, the substance is more interesting than the headline.

The messy feud between two of MAGA world’s biggest stars burst into public view on Wednesday, when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) a “little bitch” to her face on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The angry exchange came as the two lawmakers have been swiping at each other over their competing resolutions to impeach President Joe Biden. But tensions came to a head on Wednesday after Boebert leveraged a procedural tool to force a vote on her own impeachment resolution within days—undercutting Greene, who had offered her own resolution, but not with the procedural advantages of forcing a vote.

Greene apparently cursed out Boebert while the House was voting Wednesday afternoon, as the two spoke in a center aisle of the House floor; part of their interaction was captured on C-SPAN’s cameras.

According to two sources that saw the exchange and a third familiar with the matter, the back and forth began when Boebert approached Greene—then seated in the chamber—and confronted her over “statements you made about me publicly.” All three of the sources said Greene called Boebert a “bitch.” One of the sources said Greene called her “a little bitch.”

According to two of the sources, Greene then stood up and alleged that Boebert “copied my articles of impeachment,” to which the Colorado lawmaker fired back that she hadn’t even read Greene’s resolution.

“I’ve donated to you, I’ve defended you. But you’ve been nothing but a little bitch to me,” Greene told Boebert, according to a source who witnessed the exchange. “And you copied my articles of impeachment after I asked you to cosponsor them.”

The name-calling was confirmed by another GOP lawmaker and another source who witnessed the exchange.

“I heard Marjorie call Boebert a bitch right to her face,” one GOP lawmaker said, granted anonymity by The Daily Beast to speak freely about the argument.

“OK, Marjorie, we’re through,” Boebert then said, shrugging her shoulders.

With Boebert’s back turned, ​​Greene responded: “We were never together.”

Reached for comment about the exchange, Boebert didn’t deny the back and forth.

“Marjorie is not my enemy. I came here to protect our children and their posterity. Joe Biden and the Democrats are destroying our country,” she told The Daily Beast. “My priorities are to correct their bad policies and save America.”

Boebert subsequently told CNN: “Like I said, I’m not in middle school.”

As for her part, when asked about their exchange, Greene told The Daily Beast: “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

Earlier in the day, Greene said she has long championed articles of impeachment against Biden—and strongly suggested Boebert is late to a push that she herself already owns.

“Lauren Boebert never addressed the conference,” Greene said. “I made it clear to the conference that I have introduced articles of impeachment, literally since Joe Biden’s first day in office.”

“I have been talking about it with everybody forever,” Greene continued. “Literally, everyone. Forever, ‘til I’m blue in the face. You see me? I’m blue in the face.”

The known unfit Congresswoman saying something unbefitting a Congresswoman on the House floor is not news. Nor, I suppose, is her sheer unseriousness.

But the apparent source of her anger is that another unfit MAGA Congresswoman is pushing articles of impeachment against President Biden that she herself supports and may thus take some of the spotlight away from her! Further, she has been pushing for impeachment since literally before Biden could possibly have done something impeachable! And doing so until she’s blue in the face! Her face is blue!


*Probably not in the first 18 months or so. But once I tired of the “game” aspect of the genre and decided to offer more substantive commentary rather than keeping a true log of stories I was reading on the Web, I wrote increasingly fewer of those posts.

**It also generates quite a bit of whataboutism in the comment section, since a side effect is focusing disproportionate energy on politicians who are supposed to be serious.

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  1. Daryl says:

    I think this is the least of what happened yesterday when it comes to displaying the un-seriousness of the MAGA Party.
    Gym Jordan’s hearing on Durham’s Investigation exposed what a waste of time and money that effort to protect Trump was.
    And censuring Schiff for “lying” when what he said has been backed up and proven true by everyone that has looked at it…save for the MAGA Party.
    Marge 3-Toes and Bobo are just two of the pre-eminent faces of the MAGA Clown Show.

  2. MarkedMan says:

    Marge 3-Toes


  3. CSK says:

    Boebert claims she’s been “directed by God” to impeach Biden, which apparently one-ups her on MTG, who as far as I know has yet to issue a similar claim.

  4. CSK says:


    I’ve heard MTG called “Sporkfoot.” Apparently her feet look to some people as if she’s missing some toes.

  5. Joe says:

    Girls, girls, you’re both pretty. Can I go home now?

  6. charontwo says:


    The recaps I have seen of that hearing suggest Durham is/was so insulated getting his news exclusively from Fox and the rest of “conservative” media that he conducted the investigation based on believing disinformation, and Durham still believes a lot of fake “facts.” So, time wasted focusing on investigating bullshit claims that he really believed.

  7. MarkedMan says:

    @CSK: Well. That’s something I didn’t need to know. I’m going to have nightmares.


  8. Jen says:

    This remake of Mean Girls set in DC with MUCH older people is awful. The writing is substandard and the characters just aren’t believable.

    Republicans…your party.

  9. Daryl says:

    Really you can only see the MAGA Party as theater.
    Outside of the Debt Limit drama, which they manufactured, what have they done in the way of governing? Every other action they have taken is in support of Trump, whether it is his score-settling as with Schiff, or his protection as in Gym Jordan’s sham hearings. Hearings that Swalwell calls the Law Firm of Insurrection, LLC.

  10. Daryl says:
  11. KM says:

    So high school, such familiar mean-girl cattiness. When I read this, I swear I heard “You copied me!!!!” in an outraged preteen voice not unlike the drama you’d hear in the girls bathroom or locker in 8th grade. It’s a serious charge, you know. The flashbacks to the catfights I saw, the flying insults! They all started with this kind of hot mess boiling over and “friends” now going for each other throats.

    These two never left that mean-spirited clique mentality behind and it shows. Greene thinks she’s the top chick and Boebert’s her loser hanger-on Millhouse. The big bully with the burn book, the one who has no problems making up viscous lies for the hell of it just to prove she in control. Meanwhile Boebert is tired of not getting the praise she thinks she’s due and I’m 100% convinced in her heart of hearts she thinks she’s prettiest so she should be on top no matter what. (Sidebet: She’s caught callling Greene horseface or something similar on camera in 6months.) She’s trying a takeover to be Queen of the Prom House and the presumptive choice ain’t having it. This is only going to escalate and it’s going to be a glorious, hopefully televised mess

  12. gVOR10 says:

    I’ve been surprised that Republicans can keep identifying new enemies and still have anyone left in the tent. Boebert and Greene seem to have reached “All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer.” Rooting for injuries. However, they’re probably both profiting from this with their own local MAGA constituencies.

  13. Slugger says:

    Mothra vs Godzilla is one of my favorite movies.

  14. CSK says:


    You asked. I answered. 😀

  15. Moosebreath says:

    Can their battle be fought with live ammunition? Pretty please?

  16. Michael Reynolds says:

    If only both these women weren’t past their prime, we could settle this with bikinis and a Jell-O pit.

  17. CSK says:

    @Michael Reynolds:

    Both of them seem convinced they’re pretty hot numeros.

  18. CSK says:

    Yowza…the feud has escalated. Boebert accused Greene of accidentally spitting on her, and Greene told Boebert she needed to shut up.

  19. Arnold Stang says:

    As commented on over at LGM:
    “I’d expect more maturity from a 36-year-old grandmother.”

  20. Michael Reynolds says:

    Don Lemon would disagree.

  21. Neil Hudelson says:

    For the life of me, I’ve never once thought “I wonder what [PERSON] feet look like?” Not kink-shaming, just marveling at how different people’s minds work.

  22. Daryl says:

    Marge has lunch-lady arms.

  23. OzarkHillbilly says:

    After reading the above, I feel the need for a shower. 🙁

  24. Joe says:

    @Michael Reynolds: It would collaterally solve the toe question.

  25. Kurtz says:

    And Anna Paulina Luna laughs at the silly girls who think either of them have a chance with the starting qb.

  26. Kurtz says:

    @Michael Reynolds:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t imagine being titlated by either of those women in a bikini even in their prime.

  27. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    @Moosebreath: Only one solution to this:
    Weaponized Steel Cage Match.

    Impact Wrestling (TNA) should handle the booking because they originated the match. It can be broadcast on C-SPAN or C-SPAN 2, with Impact reserving the right to broadcast an “enhanced” version on PPV (We’re talking wrestling fans here. Likely to pay $50 for something they can watch for free) and any other subsequent rebroadcasts. It has ‘Murka oozing from every pore. I think it could also be a ratings win for C-SPAN.

  28. Scott says:

    @Just nutha ignint cracker: Thunderdome rules. Two women enter, one woman leaves.

  29. Scott says:

    @Just nutha ignint cracker: Thunderdome rules. Two women enter, one woman leaves.

  30. JohnMc says:

    Damn shame to see someone live down to their lowest stereotypes.

  31. dazedandconfused says:


    The obligatory Michael Jackson Thriller gif.

  32. gVOR10 says:

    @Michael Reynolds: Warmup match for Musk-Zuckerberg? Or the other way around?

  33. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    @gVOR10: EEEWWW! Nobody wants to see Musk and Zuckerberg wrestling in Jello. Ick!

  34. anjin-san says:

    another unfit MAGA Congresswoman

    Except she’s not a “MAGA” Congresswoman. She’s a Republican. Republicans have to own what they are and not be allowed to rebrand their wackos, grifters and incompetents, though I can see why they want to.

    Green is not a “fringe” element of the GOP. She’s right at the heart of it.

  35. Grommit Gunn says:

    Clearly, Gretchen Boebert needs to stop trying to make “fetch” happen.

  36. Rick DeMent says:

    One question, who is the heel and who is the face?

  37. al Ameda says:

    Is Sarah Palin available to referee this thing?