An Observation or Two on SCOTUS

Well, more than two…

Another Reminder

Heads he wins, tails you lose.

A Reminder

Immunity edition.

Republican Dysfunction

It is a bit of a mess.

Trump’s Massive Truth Social Windfall

He’s suddenly a billionaire after all.

Adam Schiff Wins, Shouted Down By Protestors

California’s next Senator had his night spoiled.

Keeping Insurrectionists Out of Office

It’s easy if you try.

Mitch McConnell’s Legacy

There is no denying that he was consequential.

Congress Contemplating Counter-Insurrection

A truly insane proposition.

FBI Informant Charged with Lying about Bidens

An unsurprising twist.

Some Luke Warm Takes On NY3

Yes, every special election is a very special snowflake, but trends do emerge

Trump Attorney: If Not Impeached And Convicted, President Has Power To Assasinate Political Rivals

This is the logical result of Trump’s legal arguments & that should give everyone pause

Podcast Recommendation Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Hearing On Presidential Immunity In DC

The Lawfare podcast offers a great primer on the eve of oral arguments

Speaking of Impeachment Threats

There’s one in Maine.

Tit, Meet Tat

The inevitable threats to remove Biden from the ballot emerge.

Biden: “Is Democracy Still America’s Sacred Cause?”

Making 2024 about 2021 and 1777.

Trump and the Constitution

When checks and balances aren’t enough.

Why Trump Will Almost Certainly Stay On The Colorado Primary Ballot

A few predictions that are going to disappoint just about everyone.

Republicans Start Biden Impeachment Inquiry

A shameful farce.

Supreme Court to Hear Trump Immunity Case

The highest court has agreed to expedite a ruling on a novel question.

Another Judge Rejects 14th Amendment Solution

It’s going to be up to the American people to keep Trump out of the White House.

Mike Johnson is Very Religious

His critics are focused on the wrong problem.

Romney and the Decline of the GOP

The party’s 2012 nominee is an indicator of how fall it has fallen.

Two GOPs

A policy-leaning wing and a political-leaning wing make for an unworkable coalition.

Should The Press Pick a Side?

The mainstream media isn’t and shouldn’t become a counterpart to the right-wing infotainment complex.

Trump Meets The Press

It turns out, he wasn’t all that truthful.

Impeachment Rationalizations

Jonathan Turley’s defense of the impeachment inquiry is not impressive.

Impeachment Toothlessness

A political trial for political crimes always yields a political result.

The Clown Car Has No Brakes

The MAGA wing is driving us over a cliff.

The Biden Impeachment Tantrum

The inmates are running the asylum.

Donald Trump Promises Retribution if Re-Elected

Yet more evidence of an unfit, unstable candidate.

14th Amendment Solutions

One weird trick could save us from Trump.

National Review Attacks the Indictment

And they make an argument for lawlessness.

But What About Trump?

Must every topic be viewed through that lens?

Is This Time Different?

America survived a civil war and the turmoil of the 1960s. Can we rebound again?

MTG vs Boebert

Breaking a cardinal rule.

Coverage of the Trump Indictment Keeps Emphasizing the Wrong Thing

The problem is not the indictment; it is the indicted.

Does Taking The High Road Make Political Sense?

What’s more important, appearances or action?

What If Trump is Convicted But Re-Elected?

An extremely unlikely scenario.

[Johnathan Turley testifying before Congress] [Johnathan Turley testifying before Congress]

What happens when you lose [Insert Name]?

When a go-to “nonpartisan” defender breaks rank does that change your opinion?

Trump’s Town Hall

CNN gave the former Liar in Chief a huuuge platform.

Republicans and Democratic Backsliding

When winning is the only acceptable outcome.

Never Trumpers Never Win

Being against something just isn’t enough.

Biden’s Documents vs Trump’s

One of these is not like the other.

GOP Behavior

Ezra Klein has some thought on the Republican Party.