Biden Has Lowest Approval in History, Should Still Win

A famed political forecaster doesn’t believe the polls.

House Approves $61 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

A win for the good guys and a loss for Trump and Putin.

TikTok Ban Close. Is it Constitutional?

The courts would likely allow restricting a Chinese data mining operation popular with American teenagers.

Maine Joins ‘National Popular Vote’ Compact

A longstanding project inches forward.

Keeping Insurrectionists Out of Office

It’s easy if you try.

An Example of Motivated Reasoning

Why we are where we are.

Tit, Meet Tat

The inevitable threats to remove Biden from the ballot emerge.

New York Gerrymander May Be Back

A never-ending saga of politicians choosing their voters.

Who The Hell is Dean Phillips?

It’s quite the week for politicians with generic names nobody has ever heard of.

Mike Johnson is Very Religious

His critics are focused on the wrong problem.

A Foreign Policy Election?

A competent leader versus a lunatic would seem an easy choice. Alas.

House Leadership Crisis Continues [Updated]

Jim Jordan is trying to bully his way into office. It almost certainly won’t work.

Ending Hamas

What does “complete victory” look like?

Our Candidate Selection Process Needs Reform

The latest reminder.

Motion to Vacate McCarthy Speakership Succeeds

A weak leader has been ousted. Now what?

Impeachment Toothlessness

A political trial for political crimes always yields a political result.

The Biden Impeachment Tantrum

The inmates are running the asylum.

Electoral Fraud in Alabama

A Republican lawmaker pleads guilty.

Pence Speaks the Truth

Trump asked him to overturn the election.

Unenthusiastic Voters Not Donating

The electorate is less alarmed than it was four years ago. Which is good!

On Diversity and Standards

A Representative’s slip of the tongue and the ensuing debate.

America’s “Family Secret” or Just Plain Denial?

Slavery is an inextricable part of our past, whether we want to talk about it or not.

MTG vs Boebert

Breaking a cardinal rule.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Alabama Districts

A surprising ruling on the Voting Rights Act.

A Stew of Stupidity

Eight state have withdrawn from a system to prevent illegal voting because of ignorance and agitation.

Unrepresentative Democracy and Child Labor

We’re getting weird policies almost nobody is asking for.

Patricia Schroeder, 1940-2023

The trailblazing Congresswoman is gone at 82.

The Obligatory Daylight Saving Time Post

The fight over changing the clock twice a year continues.

SOTU 2023: Normal vs Crazy

The state of the union is . . . not good.

Nikki Haley Running for President

Someone has stepped up to challenge former President Trump.

Biden’s Documents vs Trump’s

One of these is not like the other.

In Revolutions, The Worst Often Rise To The Top

The Robespierres in the House of Representatives are driving American politics in a predictably horrible direction.

Kyrsten Sinema’s ‘Side Hustle’

The Arizona Senator runs an online thrift store in her spare time.

On Spurious Majorities and Other Thoughts on Electoral System Critiques

Because sometimes the comment box is just too small.

A Consensus Speaker of the House!

More centrist fantasies.

Districting and the 2022 House Results

The lines aren’t everything, but they need more attention than they get.

Marginal Differences Magnify Individual Races

We used to (usually) know the results on Election Night because the outcomes were clearer.

____ Will Bring Extremism to Your Doorstep!

A generic attack ad that’s cringeworthy in the specific.

NFL and College Football Going Head to Head

The most popular television product is running out of room to expand.

Why Not Direct Democracy?

Would bypassing politicians altogether make the system more just?

The Size of the House

Linking to a piece I wrote for The Conversation.

Trump Subpoenaed by January 6 Committee

A dramatic if likely symbolic move.

Four Seats

31 of the 35 Senate races next month are noncompetititve.

Native American History in the House

Mary Peltola’s election was a milestone for America’s First Peoples.

N=1 Means, Well, Not a Lot

No one should draw conclusions about RCV from the AK special election.

Is Biden Hiring 87,000 New IRS Agents? Not Exactly.

A new meme started by Republican leaders is mostly false.

Pelosi’s Ill-Advised Taiwan Visit

The Speaker’s trip was reckless, needlessly escalating an already tense situation.

On Senate Reform

A proposal by Jamell Bouie