The 25th Amendment Fantasy

The zombie idea for ousting an erratic and dangerous President.

Trump’s Election Interference Continues

The phone tour continues.

On Faux Analysis of Biden’s Win

Arguments and analyses that are, well, turkeys.

The Flynn Pardon

Perhaps the most normal thing President Trump has done.

No Congressmen in Biden Cabinet?

Competing priorities.

House Democrats and Dashed Expectations

Who’s to blame for the Blue Wave not materializing?

SCOTUS Stays Order Requiring Census to Keep Counting

A legally correct ruling based on a lie.

SCOTUS Kills Trump Emoluments Suit

The Emoluments Clause is essentially unenforceable.

The Dark Side of “It’s a Republic, not a Democracy”

I couldn’t help myself.

Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Commission

A clever political gambit that raises real issues.

Majority Rule, Plurality Rule, and Minority Rule

Definitions are fun, right?

Supreme Court Reform Bill

An interesting but unlikely-to-pass bill is about to be introduced.

Is the American Government Legitimate?

A long-winded and esoteric discussion about an elusive idea.

Why I am Where I am on Reform

More on SCOTUS expansion and other issues.

Against Packing the Supreme Court

Legitimacy hangs in the balance.

Giving the Framers a Break

The American political system is broken but it’s not fair to blame that on its architects.

US Party System Evolution

A quick overview and some examples to start a longer conversation.

Kansas Republicans Reject Kobach

An open Senate race is now much more likely to stay Republican.

In Response to John Podhoretz’s Latest Column

Shame on him for defending authoritarian actions.

John Lewis Dead at 80

A civil rights legend has passed.

Business people using their phones Business people using their phones

Demography is Destiny

It’s just not immediate.

Conspiracy Theories Are Not Funny

Conspiracy theories are poisoning the United States. That’s no joke.

Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence

A shocking and yet completely unsurprising development.

Why Republicans like the Filibuster

It creates a veto gate that they are almost guaranteed to control when they need it.

The Filibuster is Going Away

The writing is on the wall for simple-majority voting in the Senate.

Mississippi to Remove Confederate Symbol from its Flag

The Magnolia State is the last in the nation to have the stars and bars on its state banner.

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Supreme Court Rules LGBT Discrimination Illegal

The 6-3 opinion written by Justice Gorsuch and joined by Chief Justice Roberts defies conventional wisdom.

DOJ Wants Emergency Powers

How do we balance societal and individual rights during a pandemic?

Coronavirus Has Been Politicized to Dangerous Effect

Republicans are half as likely to take the outbreak seriously.

The US’ Nonhierarchical Parties

Lack of control of label is lack of control, ultimately, of a party.

SOTU Ends Pretense of Normalcy

The State of the Union is petulant.

What does “Sole” Mean?

The House decides what is impeachable.

Our Constitutional Crisis

To defang impeachment is an invitation for presidents to ignore the rule of law.

Happy New Year And New Decade

It’s been quite a year, and quite a decade.

Judiciary Committee Hints It Could Move To Impeach Trump Again On Additional Grounds

In a new court filing, House Democrats hint they might move to impeach the President again if the evidence warrants such action.

Impeachment Impasse Could Last Weeks

It could take weeks to resolve the impasse between the House and Senate over the procedures to be followed in the Senate trial of President Trump.

Top Hawaii Democrat Calls On Tulsi Gabbard To Resign

Tulsi Gabbard is under fire back home for her vote on impeachment and for missing votes on the House floor.

A Note on the Johnson Impeachment

Some comparative history.

Pelosi Considering Delay In Sending Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is suggesting she might hold back on sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. This seems like a bad idea.

Trump Impeached On Abuse of Power And Obstruction of Congress

For the third time in history, an American President has been impeached.

Susan Collins Announces Reelection Bid

After months of silence, Maine Senator Susan Collins has announced that she is running for a fifth term in office.

House Set To Debate And Vote On Impeachment

By the end of today, Donald Trump will most likely be the third President of the United States to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

On Eve Of Impeachment, Trump Sends Bizarre Rant-Filled Letter To Pelosi

The President of the United States has sent a bizarre, rant-filled letter to the Speaker of the House. Revealing just how unbalanced he actually is.

Polling On Impeachment Largely Unmoved On Eve Of House Vote

With the House of Representatives just days away from impeaching President Trump, polling shows that public opinion on the issue has not changed much since October.

Anti-Impeachment Democratic Congressman Reportedly Switching Parties

Democratic Congressman Jeff van Drew of New Jersey is reportedly switching parties

Trump Has Already Fixed His Impeachment Trial In The Senate

The trial phase of the Trump impeachment is set to be an absolute partisan joke.

House Judiciary Committee Approves Articles Of Impeachment

For only the fourth time in history, the House Judiciary Committee has approved Articles of Impeachment against a sitting President.

Two Federal Courts Hand Trump Defeat On Border Wall

Two Federal Courts have blocked the Administration from diverting Defense Department funds to pay for the President’s border wall

Kamala Harris’s Failure Had Nothing To Do With Her Race

Kamala Harris didn’t fail because of her race, she failed because she was a bad candidate.

DOJ Inspector General Rebuts Trump On Russia Investigation

After a two-year investigation, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice found no basis for the conspiracy theories being pushed by the Republicans regarding the Russia investigation.