Norfolk Nationals?

Peter Gammons

The whole politician quagmire in Washington is embarrassing, but the fact remains that MLB announced they were moving before having a deal in place with the warring politicians, a deal in place with Peter Angelos and a deal in place for their media. Major League Baseball is trying to negotiate some compromise with council chair Linda Cropp that would re-open the stadium deal, but the clock is ticking with Dec. 31 the drop-dead date since the Marion Barry crew takes office the first of the year and will kill any park plans. Right now, if the deal does not get re-negotiated, Bud Selig is not going to play at RFK, and the word around baseball is that the Nationals will play the next two years in Norfolk, Va. Would they be called the Norfolk Vicks?

Interesting. And “Norfolk Nationals” has a nice, alliterative ring to it.

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