IMAO tackles all sorts of thorny issues today, including Satan, Parallel Universes, Bumpy Aliens, and Stinky, Smelly Anti-Matter.

My favorite short one:

Clint asks:
How come in original Star Trek the Klingons had smooth heads, while in the new Star Trek the Klingons have bumpy heads?

That’s really more of a make-up question. Back when the old series was made, they wanted the Klingons to be more distinctive, but didn’t have the capabilities to do anything other than give them beards. They were able to make Spock’s ears pointy, which started the principle that aliens are just like us, but with extraneous features on their face.

In the newer Star Treks, make-up technology advanced enough to now have the full principle of aliens in the Star Trek universe: aliens are just like us but bumpier. They have bumps on their foreheads, little bumps on their noses, or bumpy things along their necks and such. That makes me wonder if the other aliens look at us and go, “Wow, they’re just like us, but not as bumpy.” We’ll never know that feeling, though, because all other aliens than us are bumpier.

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  1. John Lemon says:

    First, who is Frank and why is he answering?

    Second, methinks that the Klingons on the newer Star Treks are simply older. You see, as I’ve been aging I’ve been developing similar lumps and bumps on my face making me appear more alien like.