Free Ghost Brigades for Soldiers!

TOR Books and John Scalzi are offering free copies of The Ghost Brigades for active duty servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So: If you’re currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and would like to receive an electronic edition of The Ghost Brigades to read and (hopefully) enjoy, all you have to do is send an e-mail from your .mil account to om*@sc****.com and ask for it. As soon as I get your request, I’ll send you an .rtf document (about 584kb in size), which you can format as you please for whatever you read things on.

Your cost: not a thing. You’ve earned some recreational reading, I expect.

Amen to that. Pass this along to anyone you know who is currently serving. And if they haven’t read it, pass them along a copy of Old Man’s War, too. Both books are great reads.

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