Washington Times has yet another news-editorial on the front of their website on this topic. (See here for the previous one.) What I especially love is the use of “quotes” in this piece:

For years, the issue of same-sex “marriage” in America has surfaced only occasionally, a topic of arcane conversation, and promptly slips away.

No longer. High court decisions in Canada and the United States and a pending lawsuit in Massachusetts will finally force “gay marriage” to the top of the nation’s legal and cultural agenda.

While I think “marriage” is a topic for “legislatures” and should be in the “public debate” rather than the “courts,” it seems silly to approach it as if it were some fantastic “creation.”

Query to readers of the print edition: Are these on the front page and/or news section of the paper, too? Or is this just a function of the way web pages are arranged?

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  1. Pretty offensive. I loved your response.

    I sympathize with the point of view of those who want to see marriage retain its man-woman quality, but . . . Sheesh. Give it a rest: how would the hard-line old-style conservatives feel if we lived in a Muslim society and had to abide by their notions of a woman’s place, the appropriateness of public alcohol consumption, and the like?