Gaza Becoming More Like Somalia

An unsigned report from StrategyPage:

Gaza is becoming more like Somalia, with multiple armed groups struggling like gangsters to control their turf. Into the mix has come Islamic fundamentalist groups, who want to control every aspect of peoples lives. Thus nearly a hundred businesses and organizations, believed to be “un-Islamic” have been attacked recently in Gaza. These include video stores, Internet cafes and schools that are not run by clerics. Some of the Gaza warlords have allied themselves with the Islamic radicals to increase their power. Like Somalia, Gaza faces invasion by a neighbor the Islamic militants have vowed to destroy. For Somalia, this was Christian Ethiopia. For Gaza, it’s Israel. Somalia is considered a “failed State,” a country that never worked. Sounds like the Palestinians as well.

There is no indication that’ll change anytime soon, either. The leadership class got into their present position by fanning justifiable anti-Israel sentiment and exploiting the politics of outrage. That’s great for motivating a resistance movement but not so great for governing.

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James Joyner
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