Giffords Speaks

A while back I had asked if anyone had head any news reports about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ ability to speak.  The first search report of speech came this afternoon.  Via the BBC:  Gabrielle Giffords speaks and asks for toast, aide says

Gabrielle Giffords’ chief of staff wrote in an email that Ms Giffords made the verbal request on Monday when staff at the Houston hospital where she is being treated brought her a meal.


On his Facebook page, Ms Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly said Ms Giffords’ appetite had returned and that she had been eating three meals a day, "even though it’s hospital food".

"It is hard to believe that only one month has passed since Gabrielle was shot," he wrote. "The doctors say she is recovering at lightning speed considering her injury but they aren’t kidding when they say this is a marathon process."

Here’s hoping the pace of the recovery continues at a rapid pace.

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  1. tom p says:

    >>>Here’s hoping the pace of the recovery continues at a rapid pace.


  2. matt says:

    Looks like the fairly new technique for head trauma worked well.