Gillerman On O’Reilly (Video)

Israel’s ambassador to the U.N., Dan Gillerman, was on O’Reilly tonight to talk about Israel’s operations against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Most of the discussion focused on the world’s opinion of Israel’s “disproportionate” assault and the resulting civilian casualties.

Check it out.

What’s worth repeating here though, is Gillerman’s contrast between the tactics of Israel and those of Hezbollah:

We try very hard to minimize civilian casualties. Israel is very very very sorry for every civilian that is killed. But the difference is that, while for us, every dead Lebanese child is a mistake, a tragedy, for them, every dead child is a victory.

It’s an obvious distinction, but one that bears repeating from time to time to remind us that there is a fundamental moral difference between the way the state of Israel wages war and the way in which Hezbollah does.

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  1. madmatt says:

    They seem to make about 10 mistakes for every “victory” by hezbollah…so either they lie, are incompetent, or just maybe are deliberately targeting civilians with weapons that are much larger than necessary.

  2. Herb says:

    It is sad indeed that there are those like Madmatt that believe the propaganda put out by terrorist and outright wanton killers of civilians. It seems that his reasoning is beyond comprehension to anyone with a degree of common sense and morality, when it it a known fact that the Hez deliberately hides themselves among civilians for the express purpose of the propaganda value as well as their own safety. Hez, on the other hand is deliberately firing their rockets and missiles into known civilian targets for the express of killing civilians.

    Madmatts diatribe against Israel appears to be more anti Semitic than anything else. He seems to be one who chooses sides by his personal feeling for those who have made it well known that they advocate genocide of all Jews. I would only conclude that he would have been praising Adolf Hitler for his killing of 6 million Jews in the death camps of Nazi Germany and Poland.

    I can only conclude that Madmatts words are a definite clue of just what a moral degenerate he really is and is demonstrating.

  3. madmatt says:

    Hey Herb you fascist,
    Unfortunately I am not an anti semite that you so ignorantly proclaim me to be….why did you not address even one sentence in my missive, but instead resorted to name calling…
    As for hezbollah, they are scum too, but at least they aren’t hypocritical liars.

  4. legion says:

    Don’t sweat it. Herb has (probably literally) never mad a comment here that didn’t revolve around random personal insults to whoever he’s disagreeing with, and almost never address either the comment or the original post. And while I disagree with you on this point, I can’t see anything even vaguely anti-semitic in your post… and how a single sentence can be described as a ‘diatribe’ is beyond me.

    But anyway… if Gillerman’s description of Israel’s tactics is legit, it only gets them the moral high horse for so long. I think everyone accepts that there will be some collateral damage in any military confrontation (for widely varying values of ‘some’), but even minimal civilian casualties begin to add up & outweigh the need to continue the attack. I don’t know what Israel’s ultimate goal in this offensive is (I don’t think ‘eliminate Hezbollah and/or Hamas’ counts as a concrete objective), but the longer it takes them to get there, the more support they will lose (see Iraq, US occupation of).

  5. Herb says:


    If you had the ability, you would understand what I “Really” said.

    You condemn Israel by saying they “Lie”. You call it a “Victory” what an Israeli is killed.And, you say that Israel is using weapons “much larger than necessary”.

    By saying they they “lie” you are implying that Israel is Trying to kill civilians and doing so Deliberately”, yet you say that you are not a “Bigot” or pro Hez. ? confusing, wouldn’t you say ?

    Or just maybe “Just Misguided” or maybe a “Moral Degenerate”

    Overpowering firepower is “How you Win Wars. What makes you a “Military Expert” yet, you condemn Israel for wanting to win ? Just more confusing thought on your part, wouldn’t you say ?


    You are right, I never “Mad” a comment.As for you and your rhetoric, You are “Just another sore loser Liberal” that don’t have the mind or ability to “Get Over It”.

    Your problem is you never paid any attention or heeded the radio and TV commercials. “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”.

  6. Herb says:


    Upon further thought, your comments only serve to prove that:

    “You Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth”

  7. legion says:

    I rest my case.