Hillary Clinton Fighting On

As predicted, we’ll continue to have Hillary Clinton to kick around:

Hillary Rodham Clinton says she will remain in the presidential race “until there’s a nominee.” The former first lady declined to say whether that meant through the roll call of the states at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

I’m not convinced she’ll drop out then, either.

UPDATE (Alex Knapp): For those who are creatively inclined, Christopher Beam at Slate is running a contest to determine the “out-there, long-shot, one-in-a-kajillion occurrences must happen to Clinton or Obama to bring about the Obamapocalypse and hand Clinton the nomination.” You can submit your scenario at the link in Beam’s post. Personally, I think the only way Obama can lose is that it turns out that he’s not Barack Obama at all, but actually an incarnation of the Master, the Doctor’s nemesis, with plans to use the Earth as a staging area to build a Galactic Empire.

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James Joyner
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  1. Makes you wonder if Hillary is sitting on something she won’t release until the delegates have less than 24 hours to react to it. Things that make you go hmmm….

  2. Anderson says:

    Hillary is waiting for someone to shoot Obama.

    I have been wondering what odds the London bookies have on that.

  3. anjin-san says:

    Perhaps Obama’s lawyers are from Wolfram & Heart…

  4. legion says:

    Hillary is trying to do enough damage to Obama that he’ll lose to McCain in November, and then she can ride back in to be the Dems’ best hope in 2012.

    I have two words for Her:
    Ralph Nader.

    Rightfully or not, a lot of Democrats still see him as the egotistical s*itbag that cost us our best shot at kicking the GOP out of the White House. And if Hillary has that kind of impact this fall, a combination Joe Lieberman-Bill O’
    Reilly ticket would have a better chance of getting the Dem nomination…

    ps-Great Doctor reference, James! I wonder if Obama hears the drums…

  5. James Joyner says:

    ps-Great Doctor reference, James! I wonder if Obama hears the drums…

    That’s Alex’s update. Alas, I’m not up on my Dr. Who.

  6. sam says:

    But Alex, The Master won the election.

  7. vnjagvet says:

    Remember Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose run in 1912?

    In a three way BHO, Red Witch, McCain race, could you envision getting the race to the House of Representatives?

    I bet she could convince herself she just might win.

  8. Sir Vertual says:

    I sure wish Al Gore would come in and save the day…the country and the planet…I just feel certain the republicans (as rich as can be after the windfall they’ve created for themselves with the last 7+ years of doing whatever they have wanted…

    The republicans wiil pull every punch to ensure Barack in not elected…they haved stolen elections before and now have the experience and even more money to do just that.

    I really hate the thought of McCain taking this important election and I don’t think Barack has the experience to repair the damage that’s been done or even win…We really needed the Clinton’s
    more than eveAl Gore could easily save the day, year and so-on…several means…even as a running mate, but without question…He could enter Now and win, hands down…

    Where are you President Gore?…Please come help our country, your country…

  9. Sir Vertual says:

    It’s late and I’m tired…that’s my excuse for the typos…but we really need the Clintons…Barack cannot win against the republicans…esecially after the way he handled reverend wright…aligning him with his grandmother one week and then comletely writing him off a week later…it’s a wreck that the reublicans will exploit aling with fear tactics…lack of experience dealing with the military, etc, etc…it’ll be a big failure and the damning of this great country…I’d like apologize for NC’s vote on the primary…but eople don;t see what the deal kis…how dirty it is and how dirty they can play the game…Al Gore should come to the country’s rescue…or at least the Clintons should have the oortunity to fight them…barack can’t win against them…Someone help or we are going to hell in chinese made, lead painted, petroleum based plastic handbasket…SOMEONE CALL PRESIDENT GORE, PLEASE!