Howard Dean Plays the Race Card

Seems to be the day to whip out the race card. Howard Dean has also played the race card by trying to tie President Bush to the House legislation on immigration that is considerably tougher than the Senate version which both Dean and President Bush have supported.

One interesting thing about the article is this bit,

During his remarks criticizing Bush, Dean was interrupted by a shout of “Impeach!”

It doesn’t mention if it was a person in the crowd or Dean himself who shouted out the word “Impeach”. Given Dean’s previous verbal gaff’s I’m putting the odds at 50-50 either way.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. Jack Ehrlich says:

    Howard Dean is an idiot. He needs to take a poll of what the majority of Americans feel about illegal immigrants. I love for the Dimocrats to be on the wrong side of issues during an election year. It insures their success.

  2. floyd says:

    so true on that last remark[lol]