How to Blog Good

Iowahawk provides some pithy advice on How to Blog Good, specifically, to Style-ize For Maximal Impactfulness.

Blog Dimension 1: Pith. In today’s go-go-go world, readers need their opinions now. They need them fast and to the point. Remember rule number one: do everything within your power to increase the economical verbal tersity of your posts, because what is increasingly certain in this increasingly time-strapped blog market in which we blog in, it is the growing situation in which John and/or Mary Q. BlogPublic will not stand for some endlessly meandering blog entry, all ‘gussied up’ in some flowery punctuation, blithering and yammering on and on and on and on, never — or frequently seldom ever — getting to the crux of the point that the blogger (or group blog, or web diarist, or whoever) is arguing in favor, or possibly against, of, which frequenty creates a frustrating situation for those many, many readers who have increasingly decreased time to keep wading through a seemingly endless — and often redundant — yammering and blithering post by a blogger that keeps repeating himself and/or herself without her or him or them ever finally getting to the original objective point of their article, or post.


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  1. I think this is why I’ve soured on blogging. Just because Joe Blogger wants everything condensed for him into 20-second pieces doesn’t mean the world works that way. I’m all for pith and wit, but most of the issues that need to be addressed simply cannot be addressed sufficiently in USA Today-like form, and to pretend otherwise is silly. Sure, a lot of folks can use an editor (me included) from time to time, but let’s not tar everyone with the brush needed for the worst offenders. I’ll stick with caption contests for pith and wit these days. Meanwhile, my desire for serious reading and writing will remain focused elsewhere.