Iraqi Hostage Freed by Marines in Fallujah

Iraqi hostage freed by marines in Fallujah (CBC News)

U.S. marines pushing into Fallujah said Thursday that they had found a starving Iraqi hostage in a building they were searching. The man was chained at his wrists and ankles and shackled to a wall. He told reporters he thought he would be killed. He’d been beaten and appeared malnourished. Troops who are continuing their massive assault against Sunni insurgents in the city freed the man.

He said he was an Iraqi taxi driver who had been held for 10 days. Bruises were visible on his neck and back. He told how his captors had put cuffs on his legs and hands and beat him with a thick electrical cable. He said he hadn’t been given food or water for several days.

A variety of weapons were also found at the site, said military officials.

Yikes. And fortunate, indeed, that the Marines stumbled upon him.

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