Iraqi Kurdistan = Booming

From Michael Totten, we have this Sunday’s 60 Minutes amazing 12 minute program on Kurdistan (heavily recommended if you have 12-minutes free) (Note, if that does not work it is the video labeled Kurdistan Strives for Autonomy here) CBS, in its infinite wisdom, does not allow you to pause the video, nor easily link a video. Michael, who has been in Iraqi Kurdistan, found only one minor issue with the facts in the video regarding the Iraqi flag (the Saddam Hussein Islamic flag is banned, not the prior Iraqi non-religious flag).

On the other hand, most Kurds are not in Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), they are in Turkey and Iran and the idea of an independent Kurdistan is anathema to them. The Kurd “Army” AKA Peshmerga are not exactly folks to respect human rights. And what I find most interesting are the ads that played recently on CNBC (business channel for those who don’t know) about “The Other Iraq,” We are talking about a major advertising focus on folks that control money, rather than public opinion.

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  1. Dave Schuler says:

    Right-click on the box with the video in it to bring up the properties tab. Click on pause to pause.