Katherine Harris’ Campaign Staff To Resign

Hotline On Call reports that Katherine Harris’ campaign staff is going to resign. Again.

The high command of Rep. Katherine Harris’s FL Senate bid plans to resign by the end of the week, two people familiar with the campaign tell the Hotline. The departing staff includes Glen Hodas, Harris’s campaign manager, her spokesperson, Chris Ingram, and Pat Thomas, her field director. The status of Harris’s chief fundraiser, Erin Delullo, is not clear. The resignations will take effect by Friday, according to the sources. TooConservative, a Virginia-based blog, first reported this afternoon that several staffers would quit.

One person involved in the campaign said there was no single precipitating factor. “She’s just very difficult to work with. It’s all the same stuff. The more than we put her out there, the more she shot herself in the foot,” this person said.

This slate of staff lasted just three and a half months; in April, Harris lost her campaign manager, Jamie Miller, and strategist Ed Rollins. Both have since become outspoken critics of Harris’s.

So, basically, Harris is undisciplined, not particularly bright, and has a bad personality. And she’s trailing her presumptive Democratic opponent by twenty points.

Other than that, she’s the ideal Senate candidate.



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  1. Lisa says:

    I would not work for her… I have attended committee meeting that Harris sits on. She is always late and 10 mins after arriving she send and aid for Starbucks, the meeting last longer than 45 mins she gets up goes somewhere (restroom one would think) comes back and then will send the aid off for more coffee.

    Then there is her fashion sense.. The women needs to realize fur on the collar is for 20 somethings and it is not 1975.

  2. I am thinking that Gallagher and a few others are regretting that he didn’t decide to forgo the governor’s race and run for the senate instead.

  3. Rick DeMent says:

    So, basically, Harris is undisciplined, not particularly bright, and has a bad personality

    Which made her [erfact for her role in the 2000 election. 🙂