Sean Hackbarth links to a new conspiracy theory tied to an old OTB Caption ContestTM: Dubya fell off the Sedgway on purpose in order to help out his buddies in the oil industry. Heh.

Update (21:24): John Hawkins has the story and some commentary, too.

Update (12:25, 6-19): Reader Paul thinks the piece may just be a poorly written satire (of what or whom, I’m not sure) rather than a poorly thought-out conspiracy theory. This strikes me as plausible, as a skimming of a couple of other pieces by Maning reveals no widespread tendency to write about party politics.

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  1. Paul says:


    After reading the story I was convinced it was satire. I mailed the guy and he claims it was.

    Spoofing the left is hard because they say so many whacky stupid the satire becomes believable.

    But still and all, I think a “correction” on the front is due.

    The left says enough stupid things for us not to bash them for a joke.

    If you want his answer or his phone number, lemme know.