Lieberman vs. Lamont: Liveblogging The Primary

7:45: The polls are set to close in about 15 minutes here in CT but the general consensus is that it’s going to be a while until the results are known. In the meantime, I’ll be updating this post with all the info I can throw your way and probably some video highlights (or lowlights) from the cable news coverage too. For all matters related to Lieberman’s campaign website being down, there’s a seperate post on that here.

7:54: has video of both candidates making their final pleas to the voters of CT. The clips are interviews without audio of the questions being asked, but I think they’re still worth watching. Here’s Lieberman’s and here’s Lamont’s.

8:17: Kevin Rennie at The Hotline reports that the absentee ballot victories across CT seem to be going for Lamont.

8:25: Lieberman = 2907 (40%) Lamont = 4282 (60%) with 3% reporting.

8:32: Lieberman = 4586 (40%) Lamont = 6814 (60%) with 4% reporting.

8:43: Lieberman = 9,535 (44%) Lamont = 12,236 (56%) with 7% reporting.

8:53: Lieberman = 14,870 (44%) Lamont = 19,257 (56%) with 11% reporting.

9:03: Lieberman = 22,898 (44%) Lamont = 29,463 (56%) with 17% reporting.

9:12: Lieberman = 32,575 (45%) Lamont = 40,044 (55%) with 25% reporting.

BONUS VIDEO: Here’s a clip of Chris Matthews–in New Haven today covering the race–interviewing California Rep. Maxine Waters whom also is in CT stumping for Ned Lamont. After fumbling a question as to why she’s willing to campaign against Lieberman but not willing to campaign against Sen. Feinstein from her own state and whom also voted for the war, Waters proclaims that Lieberman “is the symbol of everything that’s wrong with the Democratic party.”

9:36: Lieberman = 64,056 (48%) Lamont = 69,466 (52%) with 50% reporting.

9:50: Lieberman = 89,226 (48%) Lamont = 96,364 (52%) with 69% reporting.

10:20: Lieberman = 108,683 (48%) Lamont = 116,387 (52%) with 81% reporting.

10:30: Drudge calls it for Lamont.

10:38: Allah Pundit’s liveblogging both CT as well as the GA race with McKinney and notes that she’s getting hammered. Meanwhile, although local WFSB is reporting that we’re still waiting on the Hartford precincts, this thing is dunzo. Looks like we’re going to see an Indy run by Lieberman.

BONUS VIDEO: Jesse Jackson at Lamont HQ says Ned’s a “bresh of freth air” and has the necessary spine to protect the American people from being “violated” by President Bush:

11:01: Lieberman = 125,427 (48%) Lamont = 133,801 (52%) with 93% reporting.

11:14: Lieberman just finished his concession speech and wasted no time announcing that he will run as an independent. Video on its way.

BONUS VIDEO: The Sharpster at Lamont HQ: “If Ned Lamont wins, it’s a wake-up call to Hillary Clinton who also voted like Lieberman for the war. She better keep jumping on Mr. Rumsfeld or some Ned Lamont may come jump on her.”

11:52: Here’s the video of Lieberman’s concession speech. I thought it was pretty good but, then again, I am a wingnut. It does, however, certainly foreshadow Lieberman’s upcoming strategy to position himself as the guy that will represent all of Connecticut rather than just left-wing Democrats.

12:17: Kos gloats that, “This is what people-power looks like, and it is changing the face of politics.” And he’s also advocating that the Liebs be excommunicated from the Democratic party for his decision to run as an “independent Democrat.”

Lamont - Lieberman Vote Result Graphic 8/9 6:34 a.m. (James Joyner): WaPo shows it Lamont 52, Lieberman 48 with 98% reporting.

8/9 8:17 a.m. (James Joyner): The Hartford Courant has essentially the same results with 99.6% in:

745 of 748 Precincts Reporting – 99.60%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 146,061 51.78
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 136,042 48.22

The (i) is for “incumbent,” incidentally, not, “Independent.” The latter has changed; the former may as well.

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  1. Sam says:

    With 2% Reporting…
    Ned Lamont 1,747 60%
    Joe Lieberman 1,188 40%

  2. jwb says:

    Well, to be fair, there’s no credible candidate running against Feinstein, who is the corporeal form of Satan himself. I guess they couldn’t find anyone willing to go head-to-head with Lucifer.

  3. Anderson says:

    Evidently, one habitually fellates the opposing party’s Commander-in-Chief at one’s peril.

  4. Greg Tinti says:

    Very clever, A. How long you been waiting to drop that one?

  5. Anderson says:

    Inspiration of the moment. Wasn’t sure Lamont would win.

  6. Greg Tinti says:

    Well done. I definitely got a kick out it.

  7. Jersey Dave says:

    Yep. Lieberman’s fighting for teachers, fire fighters, his constituents and against tax cuts was sure fellating Bush.

    What tools. The Democratic party just lost the center.

  8. anjin-san says:

    If Lieberman’s constituants thought he was “fighting” for them, I think they would have given him a handy win. The voters have spoken & democracy has worked. I have no doubt Bush’s supporters are pissed.

  9. Pug says:

    We’ve seen Joementum.

    Next up: Joeimplosion.

  10. BrianOfAtlanta says:

    Funny, I had always thought that a senator’s constituents were all the citizens of the state, not just the members of his/her own party. Silly me.

  11. Anderson says:

    Lieberman’s fighting for teachers, fire fighters, his constituents and against tax cuts was sure fellating Bush.

    Because, you know, Ned Lamont hates firefighters, teachers, and his constituents. And, being a millionaire, he LOVES taxes. Just can’t pay enough of them, in fact. Writes bonus checks to the U.S. Treasury.

    Really, did you cut & paste that from somewhere, or did you think that up all by yourself?