Line of the Day (Cain Experiment Edition)

“His [Cain’s] candidacy’s now basically an experiment to see if there’s anything he could say about policy that grassroots conservatives wouldn’t ignore/forgive in the name of nominating a candidate who’s “authentic” instead of some slick RINO Beltway insider phony”—AllahPundt.

h/t:  Sullivan (who has a rather astounding round-up of reactions to Cain’s Libya flub).

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  1. sam says:

    Phil Klein at Sully’s place:

    It’s unclear whether Cain’s candidacy is just part of his book tour, part of an effort to land a Fox show, or some sort of mere vanity project.

    Here’s what I think happened. Cain started out, as Jon Chait said, pursuing a business plan, then a whole bunch of low-wattage folks said, “Jeebus, he’s the one!” — very, very loudly — and he suddenly found himself in a role that he had never anticipated and had never planned for. And we’re seeing this play out.

  2. legion says:

    Well, according to TPM, in the same interview where he forgot what Libya was, Cain also dropped that he had asked Henry Motherf**king Kissenger to be his shadow Secretary of State. This is someone who just stopped caring along, long time ago…