Mario Vazquez Quits American Idol

There’s a first time for everything: The New York Post reports that Mario Vazquez dropped out of the American Idol competition despite being voted as one of 12 finalists. He apparently didn’t want to be tied down to the American Idol record deal.


“American Idol” sensation Mario Vazquez — the Bronx crooner named one of 12 finalists — mysteriously bowed out of Fox’s smash-hit show yesterday, citing “personal reasons.” The sudden departure of the 28-year-old contender had fans scrambling to the Fox Web site, only to find his name and picture strangely deleted from the message boards. Vazquez told TV Guide he quit “to take care of some personal issues with my family in New York. And with ‘Idol’ being a live show, it just wouldn’t have worked out schedule-wise.” “I’m healthy, I’m fine. It’s just a personal family thing. My family is my top priority,” he told the magazine. But Vazquez’s mom, Ada, said she knew of no problem involving the family and had not idea why he left the show.


Smith, son of Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith, was picked because he received more votes than Travis Tucker during last week’s competition.

Matt Drudge fronts a blurb “SOURCES: Did not want to be tied to exclusive IDOL contract…” but provides no hyperlink.

Update (3-17): Mario Vazquez Saga Update It seems Vasquez has hired Clay Aiken’s attorney to get him out of his Idol contract. And he’s already got an album out.

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  1. emily says:

    im so0o so0o0 sad mario left american idol he was like my favorite i hope he does well in the future sorrry mario

  2. emily says:

    im so0o so0o0 sad mario left american idol he was like my favorite i hope he does well in the future sorrry mario

  3. kha'ryl says:

    Mario thanks for doing the world a favor by taking your arrogant self of our TV… For once you rock

    your my new hero, you conceited, arrogant quitter

  4. a m/vazquez fan says:

    Mario disregard the ignorant comments of kha’ryl..

    Haters like her dont live life for themselves they live in the shadows of someone else…

    Kha’ryl if you’re not a girl u should get your head checked cus u trippin like a straight female.. if you are a chick it figures…

    i guess since no one has anything positive to say about u.. u feel the need to bash on people that try and do positive things in their life… grow up… wake up and appreciate the gift of individuality… hating on mario’s confidence and talent isnt original… be concerned with your self image and not others…

    again Mario we love you much.. oxoxo

  5. samantha says:

    OMG! i will miss mario so much! he was my favorite since hollywood. i hope everythings ok with his family. and i am sure he will be a singer some day!