Michael Savage for President

Andrew Sullivan endorses radio provocateur Michael Savage for President. Or, rather, he hopes he’ll run.

If nothing else, it would retroactively make Alan Keyes seem much more appealing.

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James Joyner
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  1. This is a bit like a Sharpton, Jackson, Kuchnick run. No real chance to win, but they get some publicity and can make a splash.

    I don’t think he will run because of the opportunity cost (otherwise the radio stations will have to report huge contributions for his air time).

  2. Bithead says:


    By THOSE lights, Sullivan himself would be running, publicity hound that he is.

  3. Equating conservatism with fascism is a liberal cliché. Unfortunately, in Savage’s case it holds true. But, like yetanotherjohn, I don’t see Savage running. He’d have to give up the radio show, which doesn’t seem likely as successful as it is.

  4. morty says:

    I hope he does. I know he has no chance but maybe he will be able to put some conservatives on the spot and get some more insight to the process… not that he really needs it. All the real smart ones don’t want to be president anyway.

  5. legion says:

    All the real smart ones don’t want to be president anyway.

    I can’t touch that.

  6. Jose T. says:

    My family and I will vote for Michael Savage.

  7. Jessie M. says:

    I’d like to see Michael Savage run because the mainstream media would be forced to react to him. What would they say about his “Oil for Illegals” plan?

  8. Lisa Flood says:

    Why is the media only covering Hillary, Obama, and Rudy? Michael Savage and Tom Tancredo are far better candidates for the times in which we live. We need a President who is Strong on National Defense, Borders, Language, and Culture. Michael Savage HAS my vote !!!

  9. Derek Kuber says:

    Michael Savage’s Manifesto is the blueprint for success in the new world America finds itself in.
    My Friends, Family, and I are supportive of a Savage run for the Presidency!

  10. Colleen Bass says:

    Run Michael Run! You are just the man for the job. My family will vote for you.

  11. John Galt says:

    “Doc” Savage will force legitimate open discussions of illegal immigration and the failed two-party/two-card monty system.

    Watch for Hillary (post-primary win w/Obama as VP) to usurp the illegal immigration issue, as this is her only legitimate means of winning the presidency.

    And if Hillary wins, the beginning of the end.

  12. george punnet says:

    this could be the best thing for savage since
    his radio show i mean the idea for iraq ,
    the border ,oil taxes, n korea ,iran syria,@
    Israel are awesome
    i have prediction Michael savage in 2009