Rush Limbaugh, 1951-2021

The talk radio megastar has died, aged 70.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Trump Supporters Surprised To Find That Donald Trump Is Acting Like Donald Trump

In the wake of the latest attack on Syria, some of the President’s strongest supporters seem shocked to discover that the unprincipled egomaniac they supported is, in fact, an unprincipled egomaniac.

The Limits of Free Speech

The dangers of the tyranny of the majority have only magnified.

Limbaugh and Hannity Off Cumulus Stations?

The nation’s second largest broadcaster is balking at the prices to keep Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on its air.

Family Research Center Shooter Charged, Tony Perkins Blames FRC Critics

Entirely unsurprisingly, the shooting at the Family Research Center’s office in Washington, D.C. is already being politicized.

Megan McArdle’s Hiatus

Megan McArdle is taking a break of unspecified length from blogging to “work on another project.” Said project, she hastens to add, is not a baby.

Speaking Ill of the Dead

This morning’s unexpected death of Andrew Breitbart, the conservative muckraker, has sadly if unsurprisingly brought out a wave of nasty commentary.

Savage, Beck Against Gingrich

Savage has offered Gingrich one million dollars to drop out of the race and Beck has said that he’d vote for Ron Paul as a third party candidate rather than supporting the former Speaker.

Rudy Giuliani Thinking About A 2012 Run? Why?

Rumors are floating that Rudy Giuliani is thinking about running for President again. All of America asks, Why?

Should Conservatives Be Embarrassed?

A growing number of conservatives are in dismay about the state of their movement.

Comparative Fringes

Hate Radio?

Obama Likes Flags