This bizarre transcript (Warning: Not for the kiddies!) from a Michael Savage show is, if accurate, rather startling. I honestly don’t understand the appeal of listening to vulgar mental midgets spew venom for hours on end, regardless of whether one agrees with their politics.

(Hat tip: CalPundit)

James Joyner
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  1. Scott Harris says:

    I’m a Republican conservative. I can’t stand Michael Savage, or Bill O’Reilly, and I can only tolerate small doses of Rush. (At least Rush has a sense of humor even if he spends 50 minutes of every hour in self-promotion.)

  2. pete says:

    Rush funny? When? Never heard anything funny from this dangerous propogandists mouth. Now, Leno and Letterman have me chuckling all the time at both parties, but I don’t hear Limbaugh having a very good sense of humor, unless you like laughing at “chelsea clinton is ugly” jokes.
    I don’t where you righties find this endless pool of rude, loudmouth idiot talk show hosts, and then actually listen to them, unless maybe ALL you righties are rude, loudmouth idiots. The thought has occured to me!