John Cole at Balloon Juice has a handy A Censorship Scorecard. An excerpt:

This is censorship:

Some controversial comments made by one of the Dixie Chicks has the phones at a local country radio station ringing off the hook.

A number of radio stations across the country have dumped the group’s music over the lead singer’s controversial comments about President George W. Bush.

This is people expressing their rights to be consumers:

Church, community and political groups in Oregon and Washington are demanding an end to what they call ‘hate radio’ and have called on a station owned by billionaire Paul Allen to drop talk show host Michael Savage.

He has more, with links and everything.

(Hat tip: CSW)

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  1. copycat says:

    After reading Mr. Cole’s entire diatribe, and based solely on his interpretation and analysis of ‘censorship’, I have reached the following conclusion: He works for the NY Times.