More Tales from the Drug War (Thwarting the Border Fence Edition)

This could also be the from “You Can’t Make this Stuff up” File….

Via the TelegraphNow Mexican gangs really are bombarding America with drugs: Smugglers use T-shirt CANNONS to fire soup cans filled with marijuana 500ft over border

Authorities say 33 cans of pot were spotted Friday in a field near where the Colorado River crosses the U.S.-Mexico border.

They believe the cans were propelled about 500 feet into the U.S. from a pneumatic-powered cannon similar to the ones used to launch T-shirts.

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  1. David says:

    We just need a bigger wall, and maybe a moat with sharks in it, with lasers, yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. James in LA says:

    I’d chalk it up to promotional marketing. You will soon be able to buy it by the can, and you can make t-shirts from what is left over.

  3. Eric says:

    There was 2 quotes on that I read a while back. This one is when they discovered drug cartels using catapults. “We have million-dollar technology and they are winning with tools from barbaric times.

    The other one is talking about the cannons. “Pretty soon, they are going to use guided missiles and deliver them to the dealers.”

  4. michael reynolds says:

    Iron Dome. We have the technology. We track each soup can and blow it up mid-air with two 100,000 dollar missiles.

  5. ralphb says:

    Iron Dome sounds like the perfect DOD solution. Hellaciously expensive and ineffective. It’s a two-fer.

  6. Whitfield says:

    Soon they will be paying $5 a pack for them when the states legalize them. More tax money for the US. Then they’ll be keeping every bit instead of throwing it over the border.