Muslims Riot Over Spelling of ‘Koran’ in U.S. Media

Muslims Riot Over Spelling of ‘Koran’ in U.S. Media

As many as 25 people died and dozens more were injured during riots in Afghanistan today which erupted over what one Muslim cleric called “the U.S. media’s desecration-by-mispelling” of the name of Islam’s most holy book.

Indeed, American editors have failed to reach consensus on how to render the holy book’s name. Some spell it with a ‘K’ others with a ‘Q’ and — perhaps most offensive to Muslim sensibilities — some insert a meaningless apostrophe in the middle of the word. “They’re mocking our religion and our God by using a wide variety of spellings for the holy book,” said the unnamed imam. “Journalists and editors are the stormtroopers of America’s war on Islam. They’re trying to humiliate and intimidate us with alternate and phonetic spellings, sowing seeds of doubt about the book Allah gave to the Prophet. We will fill the streets with the blood of the infidels and anyone else who gets in the way.”


The cleric, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, denied that the latest uprising on the Arab street was simply part of the ‘regularly-scheduled annual riot season’. “Our previously-scheduled generic riots have been preempted by these special, issue-oriented violent mobs,” he said. “Americans have nobody to blame but themselves for inflaming the passions of these peaceful religious people.”

Certainly, something to consider.

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  1. reliapundit says:

    1 – bwahahahaha!
    2 – it is sadly POSSIBLE, though.
    (a) the neojihadists are xenophobic bullies always looking for an excuse to make genocidal jihad.
    and (b) the “mainstream Muslim clerics” – to the other 1 billion Muslims on the sidelines – remain sickeningly silent even when sucide bombers kill other Muslims.

  2. Maggie says:

    Are you breathing?

    Then some Islamofacist is gonna have a reason to riot. Let’s start facing some basic facts here folks.

  3. Wave Maker says:

    HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAHHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By GAWD the people in the editorial rooms at MSM must be deep into the AP Stylebook, consulting their “unnamed sources” in the divinity schools, DESPERATE to report on these latest developments while sending the message to the M.E. that “it isn’t our fault!”


  4. LJD says:

    Something very Monty Python-esque about this…

    “I know how to spell Core-Ann”
    “No you don’t”
    “Yes, I do”
    “This isn’t an argument, you’re just contradicting me…”

  5. Anderson says:

    I am just wracked with guilt.

  6. Kent says:

    You’ve got to be q’idding.

  7. Gabby says: