Net-Centric Troop Assignments

The wheels of bureaucracy grind exceedinly slow, but the Army is finally getting it: Army Times

Soldiers will be assigned to these brigade-size units for three years, the now-standard life cycle for most maneuver units.

Called the Personnel Lifecycle Unit Selection System, PLUS2 is a first for the Army. Never before have soldiers been given such choice in determining where and when they are assigned.

The first cycle of job postings kicked off May 1 for enlisted soldiers. The officer component launches May 28.


PLUS2 is designed so that when qualified soldiers log into the system, they are shown requisitions for which they are eligible. For example, an infantry sergeant interested in serving with the 101st Airborne Division will be shown requirements for his rank and MOS, and reporting dates for that unit.

Soldiers will receive an email confirmation from the Human Resources Command confirming receipt of the request.

The enlisted program for the current cycle will close May 31. Soldiers will receive final confirmation of their assignments by the second week of June, Miller said.

Officer requisitions will not be posted on PLUS2 until the end of May.

This will not only save the taxpayer a lot of money in decreased moving costs–it would have to be in the hundreds of millions at least–but should improve satisfaction and retention.

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