New Orleans Murders

As OTB’s roving correspondent for New Orleans, I’ve had the chance to actually see the National Guardsmen and state troopers running around the city in the evenings. Naturally, it’s feels better than before, but it’s a stark reminder of how violent this city is.

It’s genuinely amazing. I don’t see how people can have so little concern for their city that all they can do is commit crimes, and horrible acts of violence, when their city is very much in need of rebuilding. It’s quite depressing to think about:

In June, five teenagers were gunned down while sitting in a sport utility vehicle, sparking the return of state police and National Guard troops to help keep the peace in the city. This weekend, six people were shot to death in 24 hours.

“It dampens the progress we are making since the hurricane,” said City Councilwoman Shelley Midura. “This is not what most people in New Orleans encounter. Most people in New Orleans do not experience any type of violence. But this is the image that is being formed of the city and it will hurt us if it continues.”

The spate of violence began Friday night when three brothers and a friend were killed several blocks away from the French Quarter in the Treme neighborhood. They were sitting on a porch when two men walked by, turned around and fired, police Superintendent Warren Riley said.

Two other people were gunned down in separate incidents hours later in other neighborhoods, one close to busy St. Charles Avenue, between a daiquiri shop and a restaurant.

No arrests had been made in the latest killings as of Sunday night.

The violence, which police say is usually drug related, has not involved tourists.

What this city needs is an enema, and a much larger police force. Alex Tabarrok has a good post on the efficiency of police officers, for those who are interested.

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  1. Anderson says:

    I don’t see how people can have so little concern for their city that all they can do is commit crimes, and horrible acts of violence, when their city is very much in need of rebuilding.

    What, they should value some abstract social collective above their own immediate needs? Nanny state! Nanny state!

  2. Anderson,

    I was thinking of something much simpler, like seeing their own well being as tied to not murdering people. They need a lot more police down here, and yes, they need to think of something other than base “need” to kill others.

  3. ken says:

    The problem with these people is that they don’t take responsibility for their own security. There are not enough guns in New Orleans for it to be safe yet. Can’t the NRA do something about this?

  4. ken,

    More guns probably would help. If everyone walked around armed, the chance of getting away with a shooting would drop to near zero. Even thugs will understand those odds.

  5. Pierre says:

    What is amusing is how many people bought into the fantasy that crime was overrated during Katrina.

    Lets see you take a city that is near the top of all the crime categories prior to a hurricane that destroys the police department and all of a sudden its crime free…weeeeee. The secret to curing crime in New Orleans is to have a hurricane every 2 weeks.

    Viola no more rape, murder, robbery and in general thuggery.

  6. Herb says:

    Obviously there are some here that have never been to NO or Louisiana. People everywhere in Louisiana carry guns and there are a lot of them. It is not against the law for one to carry a gun in Louisiana and many, many carry them.

    The crimes now and right after Katrina,going on is not sup prising. It’s been going for years, only now are we are hearing about it. Since Katrina NO is in the headlines, but look around and you will find that Murders are on the increase everywhere.