Oklahoma Man Clocked Going 208 MPH On Highway

Police Cars Traffic Stop

An Oklahoma man was arrested on various charges after being clocked going over 200 miles per hour:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a state trooper arrested a driver after clocking his speed at more than 200 mph.

The patrol says Trooper Ryan Smith pulled over the man Saturday on the Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City. Authorities say the man was driving a Ford Mustang and the trooper’s radar clocked the car at 176 mph and then 208 mph.

Authorities say the driver attempted to elude the state trooper — turning off his headlights and brake lights at one point — but he was eventually pulled over at a red light. The highway patrol says the driver stopped his car and dropped his keys out of the window.

The driver was charged with reckless driving and eluding police, which is a felony under state law. No word on whether he’s been contacted by NASCAR.

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  1. Jenos The Deplorable says:

    A Mustang doing over 200 MPH?

    I see Ford’s next ad already. And they should sign this guy up as a spokesman. He could be the best they’ve had since Clyde Barrow.

  2. CSK says:


  3. grumpy realist says:

    @Jenos The Deplorable: Yeah, that was my first reaction as well: what in the eff was he driving?!

    And how did he keep the damn thing from flying off the ground?!

  4. Franklin says:
  5. Guarneri says:

    Not sure I believe it. I’ve got a Porsche Turbo and that would be tough. Hell, the average lap speed at Indianapolis is about 225.

  6. Mu says:

    The fastest production mustang 2013 Shelby GT500 was rated at 202 mph. So I think the OK cops need to recertify their gauges.

  7. Matt says:

    Since we have no idea what kind of gun was used to determine his speed we cannot have much confidence in the +200 figure. Like speedometers speed detection methods can have variance hence the need for regular calibrations. So at +160 MPH radar/laser guns can be off quite a lot especially at night due to aiming issues.

    A stock Shelby mustang can break 200 MPH. There are street examples with modified engines that have done +220 MPH. This whole talking point that American made cars are slow and can’t turn hasn’t been true in decades.

    A stock corvette ZR1 is in the top 13 at Nurnburg.

    A while back Texas used a corvette going +200 mph to test the EZ pay toll cameras.


  8. Jenos The Deplorable says:

    @Matt: A while back Texas used a corvette going +200 mph to test the EZ pay toll cameras.


  9. Tyrell says:

    I read that Dodge now has the highest horsepower production car. This Mustang must have had some modifications, but as said a Shelby could probably go 200 mph.
    One of the most powerful stock engines was the Ford Boss 429 cu. in. engine, at 600 hp. That has been surpassed now. That engine was all cast iron and weighed in about 600 pounds.
    Other great engines: Chrysler Hemi, Chevy 396 cu. in., Pontiac 429 cu. in., Chevy 409 cu. in. (Beach Boys made a song about that one), Olds 455 cu. in. In those days it was common for mechanics to increase the bore and stroke on the engines to increase power.
    Chrysler had the ill fated jet turbine engine of the ’60’s (Jay Leno has one), but it was pulled from production.They ran a turbine car at Indy twice and it almost won. There is talk of reviving the turbine concept. Jaguar has a turbine powered generator electric.

  10. Mr. Bluster says:

    In 2006, SH 130 Concession’s investors struck a $1.3 billion deal with the state of Texas to construct and operate the toll road for 55 years, according to Cintra’s website. Court papers show the equity holders have invested about $345.5 million in SH 130 Concession.

    The tollway, part of the Central Texas Turnpike System, first opened to traffic in 2012 and posts a top speed limit of 85 miles an hour—the highest allowed in the U.S.

    SH 130 Concession doesn’t own the road—-the state of Texas does, and it leases operating rights to the company. A state transportation official said Wednesday that the state isn’t liable for the toll road’s debts, so the bankruptcy “should have no impact on Texas taxpayers or the traveling public.”

  11. Mr. Bluster says:

    Once again the goddamn post button got in the way of my finger.
    Texas USA
    I think the SH130 Concession should structure tolls to allow drivers to pay on a sliding scale and buying a higher speed limit the more you pay.
    I have driven enough in Texas and everywhere else in the USA to know that 85 MPH really means at least 95.
    Might as well cash in on the Bloodhound in us all.

    BLOODHOUND Project announces target date for 800mph record attempt – 20 years after Thrust SSC set the existing record • Funding secured and Race Preparation underway
    On October 15th 1997 Andy Green went supersonic in Thrust SSC and set a new World Land Speed Record of 763.035 mph (1227.985 km/h). Twenty years on, that record remains unchallenged.

    In October 2017, the team behind the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car aims to change that and today formally announced the start of preparations for its first World Land Speed Record campaign.

  12. Matt says:

    @Mr. Bluster: Sections of the Pickle parkway (SH130) have 90 MPH speed limits. Being a recently built tollroad there isn’t much out there and it’s mostly flat straight road with plenty of separation.

    @Tyrell: I watched the episode of Jay Leno’s garage that featured his turbine car. I was already familiar with the design I just never actually heard one so I was doing the youtube search thing to find one. Even with the now ancient tech used that car is solid performing. A modern version would be able to run on a variety of fuels and perform even better. Although I think a hybrid turbine/electric setup would be better.

    Stock shelby gt500s go +200 mph off the showroom floor.

    While Dodge has the bigger HP number (by 50 HP) Chevy has the all aluminum block LS series and more. The current 350 cu LS engine design is so light you can swap one in to a Miata with only a 30lb gain in engine weight. That’s just one of many reasons you see people swapping LS engines into foreign 4 cyl/rotary cars..

  13. Mr. Bluster says:

    @Matt:..90 MPH speed limits..

    There are at least two road trips I have been planning for some time.
    Breezewood PA where Interstate 70 is routed for a stretch that is not limited access freeway and includes a stop and go light and Texas SH130.
    Wasn’t aware of the 90 MPH limit. All the more reason to check it out.

  14. Pch101 says:

    The highest limit in Texas (and the US) is 85 mph, not 90.

    A Shelby Mustang won’t get much beyond 170. Either the police radar was inaccurate or else the cop is fibbing.

    This Mustang could be something like Rodney King’s Hyundai. King was able to drive it well above the car’s top speed; why he wasn’t hired as a race car driver, I’ll never know.

  15. Matt says:

    @Pch101: I was pretty sure I remember a short 90mph section when I used the pickle parkway a while back. Might of been a test as there for a while they were adjusting the speed limits quite a bit. When I have to head north it’s well worth the toll to avoid the austin/san antonio mess of i-35. Lots of construction through that area and if you are set to arrive at the wrong time it’s a nightmare.

    The 202 number is achievable in ideal conditions. Car and driver got a random 2013 GT 500 up to 189 MPH in less than ideal conditions. Surely you must at least admit that 189 is more then what you’re trying to claim.

    Regardless I did express doubt about the accuracy of the speed detection method used.

    Re-watching the video I noticed that the stock speedo in the corvette was pretty much on the ball. I found that quite surprising.

  16. grumpy realist says:

    @Mr. Bluster: NOOOOO not Breezewood! Especially the damn stupid exit off the Penn Pike which takes you from highway speeds down to a 20 mph curve in the space of a few hundred feet. And that’s an ACTUAL 20 mph curve, as opposed to “we’re trying to get you down to 40 mph so you don’t skid off the road.”

    I also found that there’s only one place in the entire strip that has a liquor license. You have been warned.

  17. Pch101 says:


    The point is that the car can’t go 200 mph, so the cop is wrong or lying.

    Radar can be manipulated and mishandled. For example,a slight movement of a hand-held radar gun will add speed to the reading. A simple error could cause that.

    In the case of Rodney King’s magic Hyundai, they just made it up. Associated Press found based upon recordings of the “high speed pursuit” that King didn’t go over 65 mph — the police basically manufactured the story in order to justify the stop.

    As for speed limits, a quick glance at the state code shows that it has specific provisions for 75, 80 and 85 mph limits, but not for 90. And if there was a 90 mph limit, then it would be the highest in the country and among the highest in the world, so there would be news stories about it just as there were when the 80 and 85 limits were introduced. I believe that you are mistaken about what you saw.

  18. Mr. Bluster says:

    @grumpy realist:..NOOOOO not Breezewood!

    Just want to check it out. I’ll be looking for that 20 mph curve. Thanks for the tip.
    (Gave up the swill years ago.)

  19. Mr. Bluster says:

    This morning an ESPN Radio news broadcast reported that the ‘stang was “heavily modified”.

  20. Just 'nutha'... says:

    @Pch101: Forgive my ignorance (and my crackerness for that matter), but how many black race car drivers are there?

  21. EddieInCA says:


    I had a Roush Mustang that I drove 202 at Homestead in Florida, in 2011. I have the video and photos and photos to prove it.

    So it’s definitely possible. I wasn’t even redlining it, either.

    I’ve taken my Audi R8 easily over 160. At a raceway under safe conditions.

    Even with a wide track, no other cars around, anything over 135 is scary as F**K.

    I have a great rtespect for F!, Indy, and Nascar drivers – doing what they do in a pack. The day I drove 202 at Homestead, Joey Logano, Brian Vickers, and Carl Edwards were there. None of them would even get on the track with me. Can’t say that I blamed them.

  22. Mr. Bluster says:

    @EddieInCA:.. I have the video…

    Is it posted somewhere on the internet?

  23. Mr. Bluster says:

    A Roush supercharged 2016 Ford Mustang GT with more power than a Hellcat, for less than a nicely-optioned Camaro SS? Believe it.
    So, yes: For $40,000, you can get a brand-new 2016 Mustang capable of stomping a Hellcat.

    And you can drive this Pony on the road too!

  24. Mr. Bluster says:

    @EddieInCA:..I have video…

    I think I found that clip.

  25. Matt says:

    @Pch101: No the point is you want to argue without actually reading what I typed. Because if you had actually bothered to read what I had posted you would of noticed that I already made those very same arguments multiple times. So just do me a favor in the future either read my actual posts completely or don’t bother responding.

    Mustangs have done +200 mph on various strips around the world. There’s a ton of videos on youtube if you want to spend 20 seconds searching. I highly doubt this one did as public roads are absolute shit for driving on. Get it on a flat runway and it’s entirely possible depending on the level of modifications/model it is.

    Also 90mph wouldn’t be the highest speed limit in the world either.

  26. Matt says:

    @Pch101: State code has no provisions for running a car through the ezpay at +200 mph either and they still did it. I could actually go on a bender about how little they seem to care about state codes down here but that’s another subject.