WaPo reports a rather bizarre story: Susan Smith, she of drowning her babies and blaming it on a fictitious black carjacker fame, is looking for love:

The ad Smith placed on doesn’t specifically mention what she did to Michael or Alexander. But it does say she “has matured a lot” since beginning a life sentence almost eight years ago. The ad also doesn’t say anything about the scandal she was embroiled in after having sex with two prison guards or how that might have fit into her maturation process.

Instead, Smith’s ad, which cost her $40, talks about her favorite color (navy blue), her favorite flower (daisy) and her affinity for the beach and the mountains.

“I consider myself to be sensitive, caring and kind-hearted,” Smith writes. “I will always hurt for the pain I’ve caused so many, especially my children.”

Smith’s quest to expand her social circle has been a smashing success so far. Three servers crashed at the pen pal site as it tried to handle all the traffic. Her ad has gotten 800,000 hits, according to WriteAPrisoner’s Jason Roberts, and 3,000 have sent e-mails to her. The messages include dozens of marriage proposals.

Wow. So, she kills two kids, is allowed to place personal ads from her prison cell, and gets more hits than Glenn Reynolds. We live in a mad, mad, mad, mad world, folks.

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