Dave Winer thinks Dean is getting railroaded:

I wasn’t counting, but they must have shown the famous Dean rant twenty times during the Sawyer interview. I saw it live and was disgusted by it, and then saw it twenty more times, so that’s a total of approximately 41 times. Once was enough for me. The other (approx) 40 times it was just sensationalism, and over time my opinion of it shifted.

What most bloggers tend to forget is that the vast majority of people aren’t information junkies. Most people were watching “The Fat Obnoxious Bachelorette Surviving Talent Show Where a British Guy Makes Fun of You” or similar fare when Dean made his speech. They then made it through the entire day without reading the Drudge Report. They have no idea who the hell Glenn Reynolds or Dave Winer [Even James Joyner?! -ed. Who?] are.

Indeed, a sizable plurality don’t know who Howard Dean is and haven’t heard of several of the states he mentioned. The Diane Sawyer interview may actually have been the first time they heard the “I Have a Scream” soundbyte. Indeed, many viewers probably tuned in to see “What’s Fair in Love?” or find out “Who Killed Jamie?” and were annoyed when the Deans came on.

Via InstaPundit, who I have certainly heard of.

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  1. “There are people who don’t know Glenn Reynolds.”

    Heh. Indeed.

    Sometimes I forget that when I’m talking with my wife. This morning I was telling her about Sharpton joke in the debate, but I wasn’t sure she had even heard about Dean “hollering.” In a vague way, she had.