Schumer On Israel-Hezbollah War, Bolton (Video)

Mark July 30th on your calenders, kids. Because that’s the day that Sen. Chuck Schumer declared that he has “no criticism of the President…because I think he is doing the right thing.” Vis-a-vis the current situation in the Middle East, that is. But still, baby steps are good.

Here’s the video:

All joking aside though, what’s been refreshing since the start of this conflict has been the general bipartisan support the Bush administration has received so far (save for a few exceptions) and the overwhelming support among lawmakers for the state of Israel and her actions. It’s nice, for a change, to see almost everyone on the same page.

Also, as reported by today’s New York Sun, I included in the above clip Schumer’s remarks on John Bolton’s U.N. nomination including his belief that it is “unlikely” he will face a filibuster.

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  1. Ryan says:

    It’s shocking isn’t it . . . that a Jewish guy would support Israel . . .
    come on, man, this is totally lame video!

  2. redjb says:

    not a surprise,,,
    Sen. Clinton is most likely feeling the same way…
    I”m very disappointed ….

    Juan Cole’s take is right on

  3. Dan says:

    Yeah, the refreshing thing as violence engulfs the middle east is the bipartisan support.

  4. DC Loser says:

    Once again Schumer reminds me why he’s such a sleazeball.

  5. albee says:

    These are Jews not Iraqis. As with the Vietnam War, our country did not contain a large majority of Vietnamese home boys. The same with the Iraqis. Only when the homeland starts taking hits do the home boys jump to its defense. It may not be the Israels’ strongest suit, but the large American Jewish population comes in a close second.

    Coincidentally one of my solutions to American support of the Vietnamese was to declare, Siagon Area,Jewish,I Corp Polish. the Delta, Italian. You get the drift. Gotta get the home boys involved in the problem,like Schumer.

  6. Aaron says: